You Did What?

USA 2006

Edward as Charlie Porter

Plot Outline:

When his brother proposes to a girl after knowing her less than 24 hours, marriage phobic Charlie Porter finds himself stuck between a two-carat rock and a hard place with his long-term girlfriend, Ashley.

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Charlie's (Ed Kerr) life is thrown into upheaval when his aloof younger brother (A.J. Buckley) meets the girl of his dreams (Kelly Overton) and proposes after knowing her only one day. Charlie had no idea how his brother's decision would so profoundly affect his life. When Ashley (Kathy Wagner), his girlfriend of more than 2 years, finds out that his brother is engaged, she begins to question why she's not the one planning a wedding. The problem; Charlie is marriage phobic. However, that doesn't stop Ashley from her quest to make Charlie propose.

When Ashley's "hints" don't work, she takes Charlie to see Dr. Bob (Ian Gomez) - a television talk show host, to deal with his "condition". While his phobia isn't cured, in front of a national TV audience he finds himself with an ultimatum - let Ashley move in or lose her for good. Ashley's retired Marine Corp father (Madison Mason) finds out about the Dr. Bob show and tells Charlie that his little girl is not moving in without a ring. If she does, "there will be hell to pay". But Ashley desperately needs a sign from Charlie that he is committed to the relationship.

Charlie can't even hide from this situation at work. He and his best friend (Jason George) are on the verge of opening a bar together, but it is suddenly in jeopardy when Ashley's ex-boyfriend, the Alcohol Beverage Controller (Brian Palermo) enters the picture. Ashley's ex demands that for Charlie and Ben to get their liquor license - Charlie must make a change on his "domestic front"...

Charlie knows he must take action. He must find a way to get out of proposing and get his bar open without losing the love of his life. Charlie comes up with a solution: he must get his brother to call off his up-coming nuptials. When he finds out that his brother's bride-to-be has a secret past, he has everything he needs to end their engagement. But can he break his brother's heart? Will he be able to open his business? Will Ashley settle for anything less than a ring? This is the romantic comedy, You Did What?.

Edward Kerr (Charlie)
Kathy Wagner (Ashley)
A.J. Buckley (Greg)
Ian Gomez (Dr.Bob)
Kelly Overton (Day)
Jason George (Ben)
Susan Ruttan (Mom)
Madison Mason (Dick McConnell)
Channing Chase (Kitty)
Brian Palermo (Pzytarski)
Robert Joseph (Hollywood Man)
Dona Hardy (Neighbor)
Barret Randel (Cheesy DJ)
Jason George
Basil Hoffman (Pastor)
Kim Jackson (Waitress)
Mimi Karsh (Host)
Sarah McElligott (Stacey)
Joey Nader (Stage Manager)
David Weisenberg (Manager)

Directed by
Jeff Morris
Writing credits
Jeff Morris
Produced by
John P. Aguirre
Roger La Page
Jeff Morris
Jon Tierney (line)
Original Music by
Jasper Randall
Cinematography by
Alice Brooks
Film Editing by
Erik C. Andersen