What I Like About You

TV Series, USA 2002-2006
Warner Bros. Television, Tollin/Robbins Productions

Edward as Rick

Edward Kerr guest stars in WB's 'What I Like About You' as Rick, Val's (Jennie Garth) high school boyfriend.

The following description was taken from WB's 'What I Like About You' page:

When their dad took a job in Japan, teenage livewire Holly Tyler (Bynes) and her straitlaced twentysomething sister, Valerie (Garth), moved in together in New York City. Just when Val thought she had the perfect existence - a promising career in public relations, her own Upper West Side apartment and plenty of eligible men to date - everything in her neatly regimented life started to unravel the minute Holly stumbled through the door. Their new life together took a lot of getting used to, but Val and Holly's relationship is stronger than ever.
Last season, though Holly had a boyfriend, Henry (Michael McMillian), she developed a crush on another guy, Vince (Nick Zano, MTV's Movie House), the handsome, slightly older man who works as a bike messenger. At the end of season two, Holly was torn between Henry and Vince. Luckily, her summer internship in Paris came through, allowing Holly to leave both guys and all her confusion in the dust - at least for the summer.
This season, Holly returns from her summer adventure with the kind of boyfriend every 18-year-old girl dreams of ¿ a hot European rock star named Ben (guest star David De Lautour). The two met in London and, although Holly was not looking to fall for anyone, she fell hard enough for Ben to bring him home with her, much to the dismay of a totally shocked Henry and Vince, who have been waiting patiently for Holly's return. Holly's pal Tina (Allison Munn, That 70s Show) has also been waiting for her friend to come home, and Tina has absolutely no problem with the addition of Ben.
Despite the distraction of having rock star boyfriend hanging around, Holly is excited to be starting college, especially since she and Gary (Wesley Jonathan, City Guys) will both be going to NYU. Gary, who is now sharing an apartment with Vince, will also find a new romance this season when he meets a beautiful young dancer.
Val faces the most romantic development of all when she and Rick (guest star Ed Kerr) become engaged. Val's public relations business is still struggling, but she couldn't be happier now that she and her employee, Lauren (Leslie Grossman, Popular), have a wedding to plan. Lauren has truly become part of the family, and Holly thinks of her as a second older sister.
Everyone in this new modern family is growing and changing as their lives unfold. The one constant is the sisters' affection and concern for each other's happiness, as they are always there for each other.

From "What I Like About You" Fan Site at ABNOW!:

The Second Annual WILAY at ABNOW Likey Awards.
ED KERR (Rick)
Val Tyler had all the luck romantically this year for a while, didn't she? She found herself unwittingly attracted to her old boss at Harper and Diggs, Peter. She had some adventures speed dating and doctor chasing (Lauren won that round but ultimately lost out). Comes the keeper, perhaps? Old boyfriend Rick is handsome, charming, funny, and every bit as wonderful as he was when Val dated him in high school. Now he's back in her life, and has demonstrated the desire to pick up where they left off, going so far as to leave his intended, Julie, at the altar.
Ed Kerr is likable and funny, just like Rick is, and he does exude a more focused vibe than any of Val's earlier beaux. He was in line for an ABC pilot, but that fell through. If Kerr's not signed up for the long haul by the Press Tour something is wrong, since Kerr won this category by an overwhelming margin.


Val: "So what brings you to our fair city? Ooh, wow, 'fair city'! Don't usually say 'fair city'! Why do I keep saying 'fair city'? Oh, man! I said it again!"
Rick: "Oh bad. You still got that cute thing where you get all and burst, you know, and you kind of babble."
Val: "Oh, I don't babble, I'm not babbling, who said I'm babbling, why did I say babbling?"
- Your Cheatin' Heart

Rick: "Life is short. If there's something you haven't done yet, you do it. Now."
Holly: "Okay! I'm gonna go have me some sex!"
- Val and Holly's 'Not-Boyfriends'

Rick: "This ice cream is great!"
Val: "Wait, don't eat it!"
Lauren: [spitting out a mouthful] "Is it from a mad cow?"
- The Big Picture

Val: "Holly's plane lands in five minutes!"
Rick: (talking about making love): "I can do it in that!"
(Val gives him a look of mixed sterness, scolding, and amusement)
Rick: "But I would miss the cuddling afterwards!"
Val: "You mean the high five and 'you go girl?'"
- Europe Was So Much More Fun

(Val and rick running down the steps)
Rick: "Ahh come on baby why did we have to stop getting down?"
Val: "Let's see, ooh baby ooh baby ooh sexy mama speaking of which my mothers coming tonight."
Rick: "I thought if i said it while we were getting down..."
Val: "Getting down?"
- The Gift of the Mutton

Amanda Bynes (Holly Tyler)
Jennie Garth (Valerie 'Val' Tyler)
Simon Rex (Jeff (2002-2003))
Wesley Jonathan (Gary Thorpe)
Leslie Erin Grossman (Lauren (2003-))
Michael McMillian (Henry Gibson (2003-2004))
Nick Zano (Vince (2003-))
Allison Munn (Tina (2003-))
Stephen Dunham (Peter (2003))
Regular guests
Edward Kerr (Rick)
David de Lautour (Ben Sheffield)
Guest appearances
Lisa Arning (Julie)
Kathleen Morrison (Margaret)

Directed by
Shelley Jensen (2.14, 2.22, 3.01, 3.02, 3.03, 3.10, 3.11)
Steve Zuckerman (2.15, 2.19, 3.05, 3.08, 3.09, 4.09)
Peter Bonerz (2.17)
Brian Roberts (3.04)
Leslie Kolins Small (3.06)
Writing credits
Lesley Wake Webster (2.14, 3.04)
Caryn Lucas (2.15, 2.17, 2.22, 3.01, 3.05, 3.10, 3.11, 4.09)
Wil Calhoun (2.15, 2.17, 2.22)
Kirker Butler (2.19)
Marco Pennette (3.02, 3.09)
Amy Engelberg (3.03)
Wendy Engelberg (3.03)
Peter Marc Jacobson (3.05, 3.08)
Casey Johnson (3.06)
David Windsor (3.06)
Produced by
Wil Calhoun (executive)
Joe Davola (executive)
Caryn Lucas (executive)
Brian Robbins (executive)
Dan Schneider (executive)
Michael Tollin (executive)
Original music by
Scott Clausen
Phillip Steir
Jonathan Wolff
Cinematography by
Wayne Kennan
Tony Yarlett
Film Editing by
Marc Lamphear