Two Harbors

USA 2003

"Two Harbors" was a short film written and directed by Victor Buhler. It was in the finals of the Chrysler Short Film Competition in 2003. This was a project which awarded the winner with a million dollars to make their own movie -- there were over 5,000 entries and "Two Habors" ended up in second place. It's a story about a man who dies and then some time later seems to reappear -- only it's his identical twin brother whom his wife had never known about. The brother and the widow then begin a relationship.


Lori Heuring (Laurel)
Jenny Gago (Margarita)
Edward Kerr (Alex)

Directed by
Victor Buhler
Writing credits
Victor Buhler
Produced by
Dave Bartis (executive)
Victor Buhler
Doug Liman (executive)
Glenn McClanan
Original music by
Andrew Gross
Cinematography by
Byron Shah
Film Editing by
David Kartch