Touched by an Angel

TV Series, USA 1994-2003
CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, Moon Water Productions
"Something Blue" - 11/10/1996

Edward as Kevin Abernathy

Edward appeared in episode #308 of "Touched By an Angel," a popular CBS drama about a group of angels who assist those who need them on Earth. His episode was entitled "Something Blue."

Edward plays Kevin Abernathy, who in the first scene proposes to his girlfriend Allison. Monica, Tess, and Andrew, angels, pose as wedding coordinators to secure a place near the couple to watch over them and ensure that their marriage comes together. The action then moves to the wedding day, when Allison's long-lost father suddenly returns. Allison struggles with her fear of her commitment and her doubts about Kevin, who swings from sympathy to frustration as he awaits her decision. Finally, the couple, secluded and trying to work out their problems as the wedding party waits, is informed by the angels that one of them has leukemia and that the only way to know whether they are in love is to see whether they can commit to marry without knowing which of them has the disease. They joyfully realize that they only want each other, and they throw away the letter detailing the disease and take their marriage vows.

Roma Downey (Monica)
John Dye (Andrew)
Della Reese (Tess)
Edward Kerr (Kevin Abernathy)
Brigid Brannagh (Alison Miller)
Linda Kelsey (Harriet Miller)
Richard Gilliland (Stan Miller)
Holly Fields (Peggy Abernathy)
Janet Carroll (Diana Abernathy)
James Karen (Mark Abernathy)
Sally Kellerman (Aunt Augusta)

Directed by
Terrence O'Hara
Writing credits
Jennifer Wharton
Susan Cridland Wick
Produced by
Jon Anderson (line)
Martha Williamson (executive)
Robert Visciglia Jr. (associate)
Original music by
Mark Lichtman