Three Sisters

TV Series, USA 2001-2002
NBC, Blackie and Blondie Productions

Edward as Jake Riley

Edward Kerr stars in NBC's midseason comedy, 'Three Sisters', as Jake Riley, the quintessential single guy and business partner/best friend of Steven Keats (David Alan Basche).

The following description was taken from NBC's 'Three Sisters' page:

Created by the acclaimed writing team of Eileen Heisler & DeAnn Heline ('Ellen,' 'Roseanne,' and 'Murphy Brown'), 'Three Sisters' is a contemporary comedy about the emotional ambushes and complex relationships among a family of grown-ups.
When Steven Keats married Bess Bernstein-Flynn, he got much more than he bargained for. He thought he was marrying one woman, but he really ended up with three: his wife and her two sisters. Because, as Steven says: 'When you marry a woman with sisters, believe me, it's a package deal.'
Katherine LaNasa ('Schizopolis') stars as Bess, the Type A, over-achieving, nurturing oldest sister, and David Alan Basche ('Oh Grow Up') stars as her architect husband, Steven. Vicki Lewis ('NewsRadio') stars as documentary filmmaker Nora, the nomadic, sardonic middle-sister, who is trying to adjust to civilized life after two years in Africa and a nasty divorce. A.J. Langer ('My So-Called Life,' 'It's Like, You Know . . .') stars as Annie, the free-spirited youngest of the Bernstein-Flynn girls, still in search of her true potential - and the perfect wave. As Steven -- sometimes annoyed, often amused and occasionally completely amazed - is just beginning to learn, these three women give new meaning to the special bond that exists between sisters.
Golden Globe Award winner ('Heaven Can Wait') and Oscar nominee ('Heaven Can Wait,' 'Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice') Dyan Cannon stars as their mom, vivacious Honey Bernstein-Flynn, yoga and meditation enthusiast, whose open relationship with her three grown daughters is unconventional - and often outrageous. Peter Bonerz ('The Bob Newhart Show') stars as their father, George, who long ago gave up trying to understand his family of women and loves them unconditionally. Edward Kerr ('Snoops') stars as Jake, Steven's business partner and quintessential single guy.

David Alan Basche (Steven Keats)
Peter Bonerz (George Bernstein-Flynn)
Dyan Cannon (Honey Bernstein-Flynn)
Edward Kerr (Jake Riley)
Katherine La Nasa (Bess Bernstein-Flynn Keats)
A.J. Langer (Annie Bernstein-Flynn)
Vicki Lewis (Nora Bernstein-Flynn)
Landen Fischer (Charlie (2001-))
Logen Fischer (Charlie (2001-))
Paul Hipp (Elliot (2001-))
Steve Park
Brian Scolaro (Gordon)

Directed by
Peter Bonerz
Lee Shallat Chemel
Pamela Fryman
Gail Mancuso
Jay Sandrich
Andrew Tsao
Writing credits
Katy Ballard (staff writer)
Bill Daly
Eileen Heisler (creator)
DeAnn Heline
Lester Lewis
Peter Murrieta
Maria Semple
Christy Stratton (staff writer)
Produced by
Betsy Borns (consulting)
Rob Bragin (consulting)
Jim Eddy (associate)
Jason Fisher (associate)
Matt Goldman (consulting)
Eileen Heisler (executive)
DeAnn Heline (executive)
Vic Kaplan (consulting)
Lester Lewis (consulting)
Steven Mesner (associate)
Michael Petok
Maria Semple (consulting)
Werner Walian
Lona Williams (consulting)
Jodie Xua (associate)
Original music by
Laurence Juber
W.G. Snuffy Walden
Cinematography by
Wayne Kennan
Mikel Neiers
Film Editing by
Jesse Hoke
Kris Trexler