Three Sisters - Episodes - Season 1

episode 1.01 - 1/09/01
The three Bernstein-Flynn sisters are reunited when Nora (Vicki Lewis) returns to Los Angeles after two years in Africa and Annie (A.J. Langer) graduates from college. Big sister Bess (Katherine LaNasa), who is expecting her first child any moment, is thrilled to have her two sisters back in the nest, but husband Steven (David Alan Basche) is less enthusiastic as he realizes that when he married Bess, he got more than he bargained for. Instead of getting one woman, he ended up with three: his wife and her two sisters. Meanwhile, Nora makes a discomfiting discovery of her own when she learns the truth about her ex-husband's sexual preferences.
Dyan Cannon and Peter Bonerz also star as Honey and George Bernstein-Flynn, the parents of the three sisters.

episode 1.02 - 1/16/01
When Steven (David Alan Basche) puts his foot down and insists that only he and Bess (Katherine LaNasa) will be present in the delivery room during the birth of their baby, the Bernstein-Flynn family, crushed by Steven's edict, plays a waiting game of their own.
A.J. Langer, Vicki Lewis, Peter Bonerz and Dyan Cannon also star.

episode 1.03 - 1/23/01
ANNIE NEEDS A JOB -- When Annie's (A.J. Langer) latest income-generating schemes prove to be predictable disasters, Bess (Katherine LaNasa) and Nora (Vicki Lewis) decide it's time for a sisterly intervention. But Steven (David Alan Basche) has a simpler solution -- and offers Annie a job working for him and Jake (Ed Kerr). Everything seems to be going so well, Bess and Nora begin to question their female perspective on the situation -- until fate intervenes. Meanwhile, George (Peter Bonerz) blindsides Nora with some unsolicited fatherly advice.

episode 1.04 - 1/30/01
DATING GAME -- In a flashback to the eve of little Charlie's birth, Nora (Vicki Lewis) realizes it has been nearly four years since she went out on a date. Little sister Annie (A.J. Langer) offers to help her get back in the game, but the two couldn't be more different in their approach when they visit a singles bar. Meanwhile, Bess (Katherine LaNasa) has trouble telling if the pangs she's feeling are labor pains or twinges of jealousy at being left out while her single sisters cruise for men.
David Alan Basche, Edward Kerr, Peter Bonerz and Dyan Cannon also star.

episode 1.05 - 2/06/01
VALERIE HARPER AND HOWARD HESSEMAN GUEST-STAR -- When Steven's (David Alan Basche) well-appointed and domineering mother (four-time Emmy winner Valerie Harper, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show") and father (Howard Hesseman, "WKRP in Cincinnati"), a counterculture dropout, arrive together from Chicago to visit their son and daughter-in-law (Katherine LaNasa), Steven's coping strategy is to stay under the radar until the visit is over, but Bess encourages him to renew his bonds with his parents and invites them to extend their visit. It isn't long, however, before Steven's mother's controlling nature tries even Honey's (Dyan Cannon) patience. Meanwhile, his father's inappropriate behavior annoys George (Peter Bonerz) and grosses out Nora (Vicki Lewis) and Annie (A.J. Langer).

episode 1.06 - 2/13/01
SISTERS SUFFER ANNIVERSARY ANGST -- The girls (Katherine LaNasa, A.J. Langer and Vicki Lewis) plan a surprise anniversary party for their parents (Dyan Cannon and Peter Bonerz), but the celebration nearly turns into psychodrama when Bess learns that her parents' idyllic marriage isn't completely perfect.
David Alan Basche also stars.

episode 1.07 - 2/20/01
ROGER REES ('CHEERS') GUEST-STARS -- When George (Peter Bonerz) throws a faculty party for one of his oldest friends, Frederick (guest star Roger Rees, "Cheers"), in an effort to woo him to USC as a visiting professor, Frederick ends up wooing Nora (Vicki Lewis) instead -- much to the dismay of Bess (Katherine LaNasa) and Annie (A.J. Langer). While the girls plot to put an end to Nora's romance by telling their father about the affair, Honey (Dyan Cannon) tries to throw George off-track, using Jake (Edward Kerr) as a decoy.
David Alan Basche also stars.

episode 1.08 - 2/27/01
ROGER REES ('CHEERS') GUEST-STARS -- Things heat up at the Bernstein-Flynn Sunday brunch when Annie (A.J. Langer) and Bess (Katherine LaNasa) argue over who is Honey's (Dyan Cannon) favorite, while Nora (Vicki Lewis) gets the silent treatment from her dad (Peter Bonerz) after Frederic (guest star Roger Rees) reveals that he and Nora are sleeping together.
David Alan Basche and Edward Kerr also star.

episode 1.09 - 3/06/01
SHE WHO LAUGHS LAST, LAUGHS BEST-- Nora (Vicki Lewis) and Steven (David Alan Basche) have differing opinions about Annie's (A.J. Langer) new boyfriend, Kevin (guest star Pat Finn). Steven, thrilled to have another guy at the Bernstein-Flynn brunches, tries to talk Annie into keeping Kevin around, while Nora, who finds Kevin incredibly annoying, does everything in her power to convince Annie to dump him. That is, until Annie catches on, and pulls a fast one on both of them.
Katherine LaNasa, Peter Bonerz, Dyan Cannon and Edward Kerr also star.

episode 1.10 - 3/13/01
WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE GIRLS GO SHOPPING -- After much agonizing, Bess (Katherine LaNasa) and Steven (David Alan Basche) ask Nora (Vicki Lewis) to be Charlie's guardian. Nora agrees, but her cavalier attitude towards this sacred trust unnerves Bess. Meanwhile, Nora asks Bess to tell Annie (A.J. Langer) to get her own apartment, but the plan backfires.
Edward Kerr also stars.

episode 1.11 - 3/20/01
IF YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING NICE . . . -- Bess (Katherine LaNasa) decides to end her maternity leave early when she learns of a possible promotion at work. But when Annie (A.J. Langer) overhears Bess' co-workers saying she's not getting the promotion, she doesn't know whether or not to tell Bess. Meanwhile, Nora (Vicki Lewis) can't stand the idea that Jake (Edward Kerr) put in the good word that got her an I-Max movie deal.
David Alan Basche also stars.

episode 1.12 - 3/27/01
ANDY DICK GUEST STARS IN EPISODE RE-UNITING HIM WITH 'NEWSRADIO' CO-STAR, VICKI LEWIS -- When Nora (Vicki Lewis) is forced to hire an inane and pretentious celebrity (guest star Andy Dick, "NewsRadio") to host her "Cloud Forest" documentary, things seem like they can't get any worse. That is, until Dick hires Annie (A.J. Langer) as his personal assistant. Bess (Katherine LaNasa) and Steven (David Alan Basche) interview potential nannies, while Honey (Dyan Cannon) finds herself short-staffed at Beyond Yoga.
Peter Bonerz and Edward Kerr also star.

episode 1.13 - 4/03/01
IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE - Annie (A.J. Langer) and Jake (Edward Kerr) are caught off balance when they realize their incessant flirting with each other may belie a real attraction. They decide to go on a date to see what's what. While Steven (David Alan Basche), Bess (Katherine LaNasa) and Nora (Vicki Lewis) predict disaster, what the two players learn surprises everyone -- especially Jake. Meanwhile, Nora tries to stop smoking.
Series regular Peter Bonerz directs.

episode 1.14 - 4/10/01
BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR -- Steven's (David Alan Basche) plan to re-create the carefree "Pre-Bess" weekend of his bachelor days backfires when Bess (Katherine LaNasa) gets hip to his selfish reason for sending her and her sisters (Vicki Lewis and A.J. Langer) to a spa for her birthday. Meanwhile, Honey (Dyan Cannon) and George (Peter Bonerz) have a chance to relive their youth when they babysit grandson, Charlie.
Edward Kerr also stars.

episode 1.15 - 5/01/01
LONI ANDERSON, JOANNA CASSIDY AND DAWN WELLS GUEST-STAR AS FORMER PLAYBOY BUNNIES -- When Honey (Dyan Cannon) tries to share her Mother's Day tradition of running naked into the ocean at dawn with Bess (Katherine LaNasa), mother and daughter discover how different they really are. The schism threatens to turn into the Great Divide when Honey is invited to a Playboy bunny reunion on Mother's Day -- and Bess and Nora (Vicki Lewis) express their post-feminist disapproval of Honey's "bunny-dipping" days. Feeling guilty, the girls and Annie (A.J. Langer) crash the reunion, while Steven (David Alan Basche) and Jake (Edward Kerr) spend the entire night trying to get past the doorman. Loni Anderson, Joanna Cassidy ("Diagnosis Murder") and Dawn Wells ("Gilligan's Island") guest-star as Honey's friends who used to work with her at the Playboy Club.
Peter Bonerz also stars.

SISTER BREAK - Season Finale
episode 1.16 - 5/08/01
STEVEN GOES FROM ODD MAN OUT TO THE MAN WHO KNOWS TOO MUCH IN SEASON FINALE -- Steven (David Alan Basche) can't believe his good fortune when the girls begin getting on one another's nerves and decide to take a break from each other for awhile. But when Annie (A.J. Langer) wins $5,000 in the lottery and Nora (Vicki Lewis) makes out with her evil ex-husband, Eliot (guest star Paul Hipp), the girls - unable to confide in each other -- turn to Steven instead. Meanwhile, Nora learns a shocking confession from Eliot.
Katherine LaNasa, Peter Bonerz, Dyan Cannon and Edward Kerr also star.

Episodes - Season 2

episode 2.01 - 9/25/01
SEX WITH EX HAS NORA LIVING A LIE -- Enraged that her ex-husband, Elliot (Paul Hipp), never signed their divorce papers, Nora (Vicki Lewis) vows to get him to sign -- but through the process of getting a divorce, they find themselves falling back in love. While Nora and Elliot try to figure out what they are doing, Annie (A.J. Langer) tries to figure out how to make a perfect vodka gimlet after landing a job as a bartender. As Bess (Katherine LaNasa) makes plans for Charlie's first birthday, Steven (David Alan Basche) is obsessed with the fact that his son is not yet walking.
Peter Bonerz, Dyan Cannon, Edward Kerr and Brian Scolaro also star.

episode 2.02 - 10/02/01
TV VETERAN, DIRECTOR GARRY MARSHALL GUEST-STARS AS BESS' QUIRKY NEW BOSS -- While Bess (Katherine LaNasa) tries to hide the fact that she's a parent from her new old-fashioned boss, Vince (guest star Garry Marshall), Nora (Vicki Lewis) has to endure her family's less-than-enthusiastic response to the news that Elliot (Paul Hipp) is back in her life -- until she gets a little unexpected help from Steven (David Alan Basche).
A.J. Langer, Peter Bonerz, Dyan Cannon and Brian Scolaro also star.

episode 2.03 - 10/09/01
TWO'S COMPANY, THREE'S A MENAGE -- When Jake (Edward Kerr) decides its time to get serious about his love life, he sets his sights on Annie (A.J. Langer). To keep things safe, Annie invites Gordon (Brian Scolaro) to hang out with her and Jake -- and ends up making an interesting discovery in the process. Meanwhile, Bess (Katherine LaNasa) is determined to prove that she and Steven (David Alan Basche) are still a hotter couple than Nora (Vicki Lewis) and Elliot (guest star Paul Hipp).

episode 2.04 - 10/16/01
VENTURING INTO UNCHARTED TERRITORY -- When Steven (David Alan Basche) and Bess (Katherine LaNasa) take a romantic weekend getaway sans Bess' birth control, she worries that she may be pregnant. Meanwhile, Nora (Vicki Lewis) and Elliot (Paul Hipp) make parenting decisions of their own after babysitting Charlie (Logen and Landen Fischer). Annie (A.J. Langer) and George (Peter Bonerz) attempt some father-daughter bonding, and Honey (Dyan Cannon) becomes attached to a raccoon that's been eating the koi in her pond.

episode 2.05 - 10/23/01
WALLACE SHAWN GUEST-STARS AS A FILM SCHOOL DEAN WHO DOESN'T 'GET' NORA -- Annoyed by her family's attempts to forewarn others about her sometimes caustic personality, Nora (Vicki Lewis) tries to convince a potential employer (guest star Wallace Shawn, "Curse of the Jade Scorpion") that he has nothing to fear from her. Unfortunately, her actions end up speaking louder than her words. Meanwhile, Steven (David Alan Basche) steals the glory from his partner, Jake (Edward Kerr), at an architecture awards banquet, and in spite of Bess' (Katherine LaNasa) counseling, the two settle their differences as only men can.
A.J. Langer, Peter Bonerz and Dyan Cannon also star.

episode 2.06 - 10/30/01
TO TREE OR NOT TO TREE, THAT'S THE QUESTION - Baby Charlie's first Halloween sparks a spirited debate between Steven (David Alan Basche) and Bess (Katherine LaNasa) as to how they will celebrate Christmas and Chanukah. Steven enlists George's (Peter Bonerz) support in his anti-Xmas tree campaign, while Honey (Dyan Cannon) sides with Bess. Meanwhile, Annie (A.J. Langer) is convinced that her car is haunted until Bess and Nora (Vicki Lewis) give her a little sisterly help contacting the offending spirit via the Ouija board.
Brian Scolaro also stars.

episode 2.07, 2.08 - 11/06/01
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT REVISITED -- In this special one-hour episode, Steven (David Alan Basche) is in the hot seat as the Bernstein-Flynn clan takes a risky trip down memory lane back to 1994 and his ill-fated first date with Nora (Vicki Lewis) - which led to his meeting and marrying Bess (Katherine LaNasa). Bess is disappointed when she learns that the "love at first sight" version of her and Steven's (David Alan Basche) relationship may be only a fairytale - and that, in fact, chance played a bigger role in their romance than fate. Meanwhile, Annie (A.J. Langer) makes a crushing discovery of her own when she realizes that her entire family missed her high school graduation.
Peter Bonerz, Dyan Cannon, Paul Hipp and Edward Kerr also star.

episode 2.09 - 11/29/01
VALERIE HARPER GUEST-STARS -- When Bess (Katherine LaNasa) is forced to spend Thanksgiving with her mother-in-law (four-time Emmy winner Valerie Harper, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "Rhoda") in Chicago, she winds up learning a secret she wishes she had never heard. Meanwhile, an argument between Nora (Vicki Lewis) and Annie (A.J. Langer) results in their hosting separate Thanksgiving dinners side-by-side in their shared apartment with their respective dates, Elliot (Paul Hipp) and Gordon (Brian Scolaro), caught in the middle.
David Alan Basche, Peter Bonerz and Dyan Cannon also star.

episode 2.10 - 12/11/01
ANNIE GOES COYOTE UGLY -- Annie (A.J. Langer) makes an audition tape for MTV's "Real World," using footage of her dancing on top of the bar at work as the centerpiece of her submission. Enlisting Gordon's (Brian Scolaro) help in making her tape, Annie realizes she wants to take her relationship with Gordon to a new level. Meanwhile, Nora (Vicki Lewis) gets caught in the middle when Elliot (Paul Hipp) and Honey (Dyan Cannon) work out their frosty relationship through a particularly vicious game of ping-pong.
Katherine LaNasa, David Alan Basche and Peter Bonerz also star.

episode 2.11 - 12/18/01
'SNL' ALUM KEVIN NEALON GUEST-STARS AS THE TOO PERFECT NANNY IN THIS HOLIDAY EPISODE -- Bess (Katherine LaNasa) and Steven (David Alan Basche) are embarrassed to admit that their new nanny is a 45-year-old man named Terry (guest star Kevin Nealon, "Saturday Night Live"). Terry gets wind of the cover-up stories they've been inventing about him, just as they realize they can't live without him. Meanwhile, Gordon's (Brian Scolaro) plans to take Annie (A.J. Langer) on a memorable first date get side-tracked when Annie "spontaneously" suggests that Gordon fill in for a missing Santa at a shopping mall.
Vicki Lewis, Edward Kerr and Paul Hipp also star.

episode 2.12 - 1/08/02
TV AND FILM VETERAN GARRY MARSHALL RETURNS AS BESS' QUIRKY BOSS VINCE -- When Bess' (Katherine LaNasa) boss, Vince (guest star Garry Marshall), institutes "Bring Your Dog to Work Day," ambitious but poochless Bess finds herself out of the power loop. Desperate, she enlists Annie's (A.J. Langer) help in recruiting a "loaner" pup. After a promising start, the scheme goes to the dogs when Vince wants to see her presentation -- and the dog -- the next day, but Bess can't deliver the latter. Meanwhile, Nora (Vicki Lewis) puts the kibosh on a romance between her star student Sarah (guest star Angie Billman) and Jake (Edward Kerr), but when she finds herself doing penance by taking care of him after dental surgery, she hears a surprising confession.
David Alan Basche also stars.

episode 2.13 - 1/15/02
BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR -- During a girls night out, Bess (Katherine LaNasa), Nora (Vicki Lewis) and Annie (A.J. Langer) realize that for the first time, they all have husbands/boyfriends. So they decide that the guys should hang out together to get to know one another better, but their plan backfires when they discover that Steven (David Alan Basche), Elliot (Paul Hipp) and Gordon (Brian Scolaro) are sharing the girls' secrets with one another. Meanwhile, George (Peter Bonerz) buys Charlie a toy gun and Honey (Dyan Cannon) is faced with the challenge of getting it away from him before Bess finds out.

episode 2.14 - 1/29/02
NORA AND ELLIOT UP THE ANTE ON THEIR RELATIONSHIP -- When Nora (Vicki Lewis) and Elliot (Paul Hipp) decide to move in together again, Annie (A.J. Langer) is out of a place to live until Jake (Edward Kerr) offers her his spare room - an arrangement that Gordon (Brian Scolaro) isn't thrilled with. Elliot becomes increasingly exasperated by Nora's refusal to agree to marry him again and her insistence that he occupy only one room in her house - an arrangement that makes him feel like a boarder. After a blow-up, he returns home to an unexpected, but pleasant surprise. Meanwhile, inspired by Elliot's situation, Steven (David Alan Basche) begins a campaign to create his own "guy room" at his and Bess' (Katherine LaNasa) home.
Dyan Cannon and Peter Bonerz also star.

episode 2.15 - 2/05/02
ANNIE AND JAKE GET NAKED WHILE NORA RELIVES HER WEDDING NIGHT -- Annie (A.J. Langer) and Jake (Edward Kerr) get an unexpected jolt when an early morning earthquake scare finds them in the doorway in the altogether. While Gordon (Brian Scolaro) deals with his discomfort at Jake's having seen Annie naked -- which he hasn't -- Nora (Vicki Lewis) tries to rein in a marriage-mad Bess (Katherine LaNasa) who is busy planning Nora and Elliot's (Paul Hipp) vow-renewal ceremony. In a flashback-to-1989 sequence, Bess takes Nora back to her original wedding night.
David Alan Basche also stars.

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
episode 2.16 - UNAIRED
Steven's brother Joel comes to visit from Chicago bringing some news though that he has separated from his wife and is going through money troubles. That's why he wants to sell his and Steven's childhood card collection to get some money. Meanwhile Annie gets her dad to help her with her 1st tax return. While that is happening Annie suggests Gordo takes her mum to a nicks & Lakers game to get to know each other a little better.

The Song
episode 2.17 - UNAIRED
Annie crashes into the back of Stevens's car while following him. Because of that Steven ran a red light and has ti go to traffic school. Elliot is babysitting Charlie when he writes a sing for Bess from Charlie. Nora hears it at 1 of Elliot's gigs and thinks it's about her until she hears the truth. She is distraught to think that Eliot wrote a song about Bess until she finds out that Elliot wrote a song about her and sang it to her at his next gig. Meanwhile Gordo knows a guy who can pass Steven in Traffic School without him actually having to go until they get busted but are let go by the police because Steven has a trusting face.

Deep Issue Massage
episode 2.18 - UNAIRED
Bess wants a proper massage from Steven that doesn't involve sex at the end so he buys them both Gift Certificates to get a massage. Annie has just got health insurance so she is getting all sorts of things including therapy. When she books a family session she is so annoyed when no one shows up she stops being her self and is angry with everyone only to find out that she told her family the wrong date otherwise they would have loved to have gone. Meanwhile Honey wants the kitchen to look perfect for Nora's wedding so she decides to fix a small nick in the cupboard. Anyway that small nick soon leads to more renovations until Honey is getting carried away re-sanding the floorboards.

'Twas the Night Before
episode 2.19 - UNAIRED
Annie holds Nora a Bachelorette party with just her and a whole lot of alcohol. Jake stays home for the party because he thinks there are going to be a whole lot of girlie things going on. Elliot doesn't want a party so he, Steven and Gordo just hang out at the bar. Nora wants to leave her Bachelorette party early so she can see Elliot so Jake, Nora and Annie go and find the guys. Meanwhile Bess is staying with George and Honey to finish off her Maid of Honour Speech and George is finishing off her father of the bride speech but they are fighting over who can include stuff about Nora's favourite childhood toy Diggy Doon. Bess wins only to find out that Diggy Doon was Annie's toy. Elliot wakes up in the morning to find a message on his answering machine. He has been offered lead guitarist for David Bowie's tour but the only problem is that he has to get on a plane straight away.