TV Series, USA 1999
David E. Kelley Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Television

Edward as Greg McCormack

Beginning in September 1999, Edward appears as homicide detective Lt. Gregory James McCormack in the new David E. Kelley show "Snoops". The series once again teams Edward with "Legalese" co-star Gina Gershon.

From the ABC promo

"In pursuit of truth, justice and a big retainer, savvy Glenn Hall doesn't let the Constitution interfere with the work of her agency. Most of her investigators agree. Manny Lott is a whiz with mini-cams and mini-mics and loves a woman in a mini-skirt. He also carries a mini-tranquilizer gun and will likely shoot if you annoy him. Roberta Young is prone to brazen deeds like stealing a deadbeat dad's toupee and holding it in "escrow" until he forks over child support. Glenn's newest recruit is former police detective Dana Plant, who is a brilliant, by-the-book sleuth . . . water to Glenn's oil. This dynamic duo takes Los Angeles by storm so that no one gets away with murder. Conflicts and quirks aside, the private detectives of Glenn Hall, Inc., share a common bond: these Snoops don't let go until they've sniffed out the facts."


Greg: "This woman's a lonely loon just looking for attention and she's take..."
Hannah: "How dare you?!"
Greg: "Who are you?"
Dana: "This would be the lonely loon."
- Pilot

Greg: "Dana, you can't sing."
Dana: "I can sing. A little."
Greg: "Let's say for the sake of argument you can. You certainly don't do it in a way that would make a man attracted to you."
- Singer in the Band

Greg: "Come on, Dana, your turn to talk."
- Constitutions

Dana: "You said you like what they do and now..."
Greg: "I said I like the toys and disguises... I like the disguises."
- True Believers

Greg: "I suppose you're gonna gloat now."
Manny: "Ah, I don't do that. I'm right so often, it's boring. The thrill is gone."
- The Grinch

Greg: "It's like old times, huh?"
Dana: "Oh, yeah. Y'know, some people have Paris, we've got the putrid stench of violent death."
- A Criminal Mind

Gina Gershon (Glenn Hall)
Edward Kerr (Det. Greg McCormack)
Paula Jai Parker (Roberta Young)
Danny Nucci (Manny Lott)
Paula Marshall (Dana Plant)
Alejandro Patino (L.A. Sherriff)
John Romualdi (Officer O'Connor)

Directed by
Allan Arkush
Miguel Arteta
Arvin Brown
Dennie Gordon
Michael Lange
Joe Napolitano
Bethany Rooney
Ian Sander
Writing credits
Adam Armus (writer)
Michael Green (writer)
Paul Guyot
Kim Newton (writer)
Produced by
Allan Arkush
Mary Pat Avery (associate)
Tracy Fetterolf (co-producer)
David E. Kelley (executive)
Neil Mandelberg
Molly Newman (co-executive)
Kim Newton
Jack Philbrick (coordinating)
John Tinker (executive)
Alice West (co-executive)
Cinematography by
Jamie Anderson
Film Editing by
Mark C. Baldwin
Neil Mandelberg
Lauren A. Schaffer