Sex and the City

TV Series, USA 1998-2004
"Escape From New York" - 9/10/2000

Edward as Jason Dique

Miranda meets Jason (a charming guy with stupid name) on a party, but he leaves her alone for much more sexy girl.
Did you think that Edward's appearance in Astronaut's Wife was short? Well, this one is just 45 seconds of a screen time. Honestly.

The following episode synopsis was taken from HBO's 'Sex and the City' page:

In a spur of the moment mad dash, the girls (minus Charlotte) head to Los Angeles in search of the care-free life. Within minutes, Samantha meets Garth, a model -- a dildo model that is. "Mr. Dildo" invites the girls to a party for his new product. Carrie and Miranda find the celebration revolting, but Samantha enjoys it and ends up going home with the guest of honor. At his apartment, Garth reads Samantha poetry and wants to get to know her, but she's focused on sampling the goods. Meanwhile, Carrie meets with Hollywood producer Matthew McConaughey who is interested in making a movie based on her sex columns. McConaughey makes tasteless remarks about Carrie and Big's relationship and then gets skeevy with Carrie, intimating they should sleep together. Carrie leaves in disgust. These days, Miranda wishes someone would see her as a sex object. After feeling invisible to men for too long, Miranda takes a wild ride on a mechanical bull, determined to unleash her inner sex goddess. And after a sexless honeymoon in Bermuda, Charlotte resolves to get to the bottom of Trey's sexual underperformance. She devises a little experiment and discovers Trey's issues are not physical.

Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw)
Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones)
Kristin Davis (Charlotte York McDougal)
Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes)
Kyle MacLachlan (Trey McDougal)
Sarah Michelle Gellar (Debbie)
Edward Kerr (Jason Dique)
Matthew McConaughey (Himself)
James Macdonald (Garth)

Directed by
John David Coles
Writing credits
Becky Hartman Edwards
Michael Patrick King
Produced by
Jenny Bicks (co-executive)
Antonia Ellis (co-producer)
Amy B. Harris (associate)
Debra Kent (co-producer)
Michael Patrick King (co-executive)
Mark McGann (associate)
John Melfi (co-executive)
Sarah Jessica Parker
Darren Star (executive)
Original music by
Douglas J. Cuomo
Cinematography by
Michael Spiller