The Secrets of Lake Success

Mini-series, USA 1993

Edward as Tony Parrish

"Secrets of Lake Success" was a 1993 NBC TV miniseries. Edward plays a young lawyer investigating the death of an employee of the Atkins' company. Mr. Atkins (Brian Keith), owner of the company, is dying, and he gives complete responsibility for the company to his daughter Suzy (Liz Vassey.) Tony asks Suzy to help him in the investigation. They eventually fall in love and discover the truth.

Edward's very brief quote regarding the character: "He was raised in an orphanage. He's a good guy."


In the irresistible tradition of Dynasty and Dallas comes this story of a glamorous family living in a gorgeous mansion in an idyllic town called Lake Success. Beneath the town's peaceful facade are backstabbing power struggles, family betrayal, forbidden sexual trysts, shady business deals and long-buried secrets. Family patriarch (Brian Keith) gets the last laugh in his will when he leaves the family business to his long-lost daughter, Suzy Atkins (Liz Vassey, The Tick, ER). Suzy's ambitious stepsister, Decker, and her amoral brother, Rowan, will stop at nothing to get the company back. Complicating matters, Suzy's mother (Valerie Perrine) suddenly returns to Lake Success with an agenda of her own after abandoning her family many years ago. Meanwhile, Rowan's sex-hungry mistress and her provocative little sister will stop at nothing to get their share of the Atkins money! Can pure-hearted Suzy outsmart-or even survive-a family who are experts in deception and maybe find love while she's at it? A truly addictive pleasure with many surprising twists and turns, The Secrets of Lake Success will have you hooked! Sizzling cast includes Ryan Philippe (Cruel Intentions), Samantha Eggar (The Brood), Ray Wise (Twin Peaks), John Bradley (Independence Day), George Del Hoyo (Days of Our Lives)

Daniel Douglas Anderson (Cop #2)
Cliff Bemis
John Bradley (Rowan Atkins)
Niles Brewster (Tailor)
Rebeccah Bush (Decker Atkins)
John Carter
Lanei Chapman (Melanie Jones)
Gus Corrado
George Del Hoyo (Hector)
Mary Donnelly
Samantha Eggar (Diana Westley)
Mary Pat Gleason (Lady Diner)
Shawn Huff (Corinne Atkins)
James Ingersoll
Stan Ivar (Tucker Reed)
Brian Keith (P. Stuart Atkins III)
Edward Kerr (Tony Parrish)
Gregg Marx (Dr. Martin Goldman)
Delana Michaels (Elaine)
Karla Montana (Tanya)
Colleen Morris (Judy Grayson)
John Pearson
Valerie Perrine (Honey Potts Atkins)
Ryan Phillippe (Stew Atkins)
Jeff Rector (Cop #1)
Keith Sellon-Wright
Bryan Travis Smith (Adam Atkins)
Douglas Stark
Debra Sullivan (Nurse)
Liz Vassey (Suzy Atkins)
Chandra West (Jenny Grayson)
William Wintersole
Ray Wise (Henry Fleming)

Directed by
Peter Ellis (part 3)
Jonathan Sanger (part 1)
Arthur Allan Seidelman (part 2)
Writing credits
Naomi Janzen
David Stenn
Produced by
Frank Fischer
Naomi Janzen (co-producer)
Original music by
Hal Lindes
Cinematography by
Roy H. Wagner
Film Editing by
Jim McElroy