SeaQuest DSV (a.k.a. SeaQuest 2032)

TV Series, USA 1993-1995
Universal TV, Amblin Entertainment

Edward as Lt. Jim Brody

Edward's seaQuest character is Lt. James Brody, weapons/tactical expert and chief of security. Edward joined the cast in the second season and left before the third had ended (1994-1996).

Edward's thoughts on his character: "Brody is a great guy. He's full of self confidence but isn't arrogant. He's more apt to take things lightly rather than seriously, but he's a good person with a strong sense of values. There's never any doubt that the crew can depend on him."

Brody joins the crew after the GELF colony incident in "Daggers"; his assistance in this matter convinces Captain Bridger that he would be a valuable addition to the crew. He heads up dangerous security missions in subsequent episodes, including trying to calm a frenzied mob on a deep sea station and leading his crew against killer plants on an abandoned colony. "When We Dead Awaken," which Edward sites as his favorite episode, deals with his past. He finds his mother, who has been in deep freeze for many years and awakens, only to be pursued by killers. He continues as a steadfast and reliable officer throughout his service, until he is killed rescuing Loni Henderson from Macronesian forces. In following episodes, he is not forgotten - the crew make reference to him on several occasions.


[When Brody is rescued from the pressurized escape pod.]
Ford: "Are you okay, soldier?"
Brody: "Just throw in a couple of vid-disks and who needs company."
Ford: "Humor under pressure, I'm impressed. Commander Jonathan Ford, UEO, seaQuest."
Brody: "Lieutenant Jim Brody. Ah, forgive me for not saluting, sir, but my arms fell asleep."
- Daggers

Brody: "Will I live?"
Smith: "Not long enough to get me in the back seat of your '99 Trident and, what was it? Check out your transmission? Grow up, Lieutenant."
- Daggers 2

Brody: "I rated Triple A-6 in Demolitions. I led the underwater Demo team during that skirmish in Tonga."
Ford: "Tell me, is there anything you can't do?"
Brody: "I've had a heck of a time learning how to play the bagpipes."
Ford: "Bet you look good in the skirt."
- Daggers 2

Ford: "Let me guess, you were the first to set foot on Normandy?"
Brody: "No, but if I were a century older - you can bet on it!"
- Daggers 2

Brody: "You know, we can be friends."
Ford: "It's a long tour, Jim. Why don't we just think about that?"
Brody: "Don't have time. Bridger told me I'm rooming with you until they finish remodeling my quarters."
Ford: "What's wrong with your quarters?!"
Brody: "No place to put the pool table!"
- Daggers 2

Brody: "Soak it up, junior. It isn't every day you get your butt kissed by two planets."
- The Fear that Follows

[Talking about girls.]
Brody: "Well, great is not just sheer physical excellence; great includes spiritual and intellectual excellence."
- Vapors

Henderson: "Welcome to the big leagues. You alright?"
Brody: "Ask me next month."
Henderson: [Feeling Brody's forehead] "You feel warm."
Brody: "Take your hand away. I' off."
Henderson: "Yeah, you're alright."
- Playtime

Henderson: "Smells like Easter."
Ortiz: "Smells like my Uncle Manny's funeral home. I used to play there when I was a kid."
Brody: "Must have been some interesting games."
Ortiz: "Freeze tag... customers always won."
- By Any Other Name

Brody: "My commission on seaQuest came after the GELF crisis. I swore I'd never get stuck on a boat but the navy offered me a commission of a lifetime...stole my freedom away."
- When We Dead Awaken

O'Neill: "Jimmy, she blew you off."
Brody: "She's playing hard to get."
O'Neill: "She's playing impossible to get."
Brody: "Never could turn my back on a challenge."
- When We Dead Awaken

Brody: "You know the woman I met last night?"
O'Neill: "And proceeded to stalk?"
Brody: "Well...she's sorta in my cabin."
O'Neill: "How sorta, Jim."
Brody: "Pretty much entirely... 'cuz someone sorta tried to kill her."
- When We Dead Awaken

Smith: "When did you have your last meal?"
Brody: "You read stomachs too?"
- When We Dead Awaken

Dagwood: "Why does everybody keep telling you what to do?"
Brody: "Well...I think it's probably because they care, Dag."
Dagwood: " get a lot of rest...damnit."
- When We Dead Awaken

Brody: "This stinks. He's going to the can forever and he's never even been kissed."
Dagwood: "Maybe Dagwood will get kissed in the can."
- Special Delivery

[Bridger and Ford are behaving erratically.]
Brody: "What's going on?"
Lucas: "I don't know. The Commander's freaking out. I don't know what's wrong with the Captain. Who's gonna run this boat if they can't?"
Brody: "Who's gonna tell them they can't?"
- Lostland

Brody: "It's a mountain, Homer."
- Watergate

[On Sara's concert.]
Dagwood: "Is this the part where we clap?"
Brody: "I hope so, I'm falling asleep."
- Watergate

Brody: "Excuse me Piccolo, I don't want to break this to you but you're out of uniform."
Piccolo: "Tell me about it sir, he took my pants."
Dagwood: "We had a bet. I said I would win, he said "my pants"."
- Something in the Air

Ford: "Next time they use a fake head, I hope it's yours."
Brody: "Can't do it, can't duplicate perfection!"
- Dagger Redux

Ford: "O.K. Lucas, worst day of your life."
Lucas: "Here with you guys. I don't like being around these things. Why do we have to replace these anyway? How many times have we kill people."
Ford: "For safety Lucas."
Lucas: "There is plutonium in there Cmdr."
Brody: "Not anymore." [Hammers on warhead with hammer.]
All: "Brody stop."
Brody: "Warheads are our friends, perfectly harmless." [Hammers some more.]
Ortiz: "Safe until it comes into contact with nitrogen cartridge then it becomes the densest liquid energy known to man."
Brody: "So, we don't make plutonium anymore and we are getting rid of what's left."
Lucas: "That's an oxymoron, Lt. We can build down defense policy but we are still producing weapons..."
Brody: "That's not an oxymoron"
Ortiz: "It's an oxymoron."
Brody: "No it isn't."
Lucas: "Maybe we should just stick with moron."
[Brody gets dumbfounded look on face and looks back and forth between Lucas and Ortiz.]
- The Siamese Dream

Brody: "Yeah, they could be making bombs that could suck us out into space and we woulnd't even know it."
- Blindsided

Brody: "You know what honey, water really isn't that deep. Maybe after the war is over, we can rebuild some land for you. How's that sound?"
- Splashdown

Brody: "You can't talk to or reason with someone that destroys your planet. I mean, my God captain, you saw what they did to Scott."
Bridger: "All the same. I gotta believe that there some people among them who want out."
- Splashdown

Hudson: "Is Brody learning how to float that Spector without hurting himself?"
Fredricks: "It's been a while since his last combat exercise, sir. But he'll do all right... for a man."
Brody: "Yeah, all we get to do is pay the mortgage and bring home the bacon."
Fredricks: "Boy, you have been away a long time. You know, pork's illegal."
- In the Company of Ice and Profit

Ford: "Has anybody seen the Captain?"
Brody: "Maybe he's giving Darwin a lecture on seafaring etiquette."
- In the Company of Ice and Profit

Brody: "Chain of command, lieutenant. Captain Hudson, Commander Ford, me. This is my boat now."
- Chains of Command

Brody: "Is this mutiny?"
Henderson: "No, sir. It's a plea for reason, but we will follow your orders."
- Chains of Command

Brody: "Fredricks, can you shake them?"
Fredricks: "I can lose my own shadow."
- Chains of Command

Hudson: "I hear you're quite the ladies man. When was the last time you had sex?"
Brody: "Sir?"
Hudson: "Was there an audience? Did anyone watch? What value do you put on privacy?"
- Brainlock

Brody: "With your shield or on it."
- Spindrift

Rosalind Allen (Dr. Wendy Smith (1994-1995))
Royce D. Applegate (Chief Manilow Crocker (1993-1994))
Stephanie Beacham (Dr. Kristin Westphalen (1993-1994))
Jonathan Brandis (Lucas Wolenczak)
Michael Costello (UEO Secretary General Thomas McGath)
John D'Aquino (Lt. Benjamin Krieg (1993-1994))
Michael DeLuise (Seaman Tony Piccolo)
Peter DeLuise (Dagwood (1994-1996))
Kathy Evison (Lt. Lonnie Henderson)
Don Franklin (Cdr. Jonathan Ford)
Stacy Haiduk (Lt. Cmdr. Katie Hitchcock (1993-1994))
Michael Ironside (Capt. Oliver Hudson (1995-1996))
Edward Kerr (Lt. James Brody (1994-1996))
Elise Neal (Lt. J.J. Fredricks (1995-1996))
Dustin Nguyen (Chief Shan (1993-1994))
Ted Raimi (Lt. jg. Tim O'Neill)
Roy Scheider (Capt. Nathan Bridger)
Marco Sánchez (Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz (1993-1995))

Directed by
Steve Beers (3.13)
Burt Brinckerhoff (2.07, 2.13)
David J. Burke (2.15)
Oscar L. Costo (2.14, 2.18, 3.03, 3.07, 3.09)
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Gus Trikonis (2.09)
Robert Wiemer (2.02, 2.05)
Anson Williams (2.11, 2.20, 2.21, 3.01, 3.05, 3.08, 3.12)
Writing credits
Jonathan Brandis (2.19)
David J. Burke (2.04, 2.12, 2.19)
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Produced by
Steve Beers
David J. Burke (executive: 1993-1995)
Clifton Campbell
Carleton Eastlake
Lee Goldberg (supervising)
Patrick Hasburgh (executive)
Lawrence Hertzog (1994-1995)
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Rockne S. O'Bannon (executive)
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Harker Wade (co-producer) (1995-1996)
Original music by
Don Davis (1994)
John Debney (1993-1994)
Russ Landau (1994-1995)
Cinematography by
Stephen McNutt (1994-1995)
Geoffrey Schaaf (1995-1996)
Kenneth D. Zunder (1993-1994)
Film Editing by
Tanya M. Swerling