Men in Trees

TV Series, USA 2006-
Tree Line Films, Perkins Street Productions and NS Pictures, Inc., Warner Bros. Television, ABC

Edward as Ian Slattery

"The Caribou in The Room"
episode 1.6 - 10/13/2006

Marin explores whether men and women can just be friends once they've slept together; Eager to test her theory as well as to enjoy a trip to a big city, she convinces Jack to accompany her to Anchorage. Meanwhile, Patrick doesn't understand why Annie wants to limit their romantic time together, and Sara, Ben and Theresa work on coming to terms with their triangular relationship.
Guest Star: Julius Chapple (Snooty Bartender), Biski Gugushe (Anchorage Doctor), Cynthia Stevenson (Celia Bachelor)

"Power Shift"
episode 1.2 - 9/15/2006

While Marin adapts to her new small town environment -- which includes being a relationship adviser on Patricks radio show and being followed by a stray raccoon -- she gets surprising advice from the men in Elmo as to what she should do to get over her fiancÚ. Meanwhile, Jane helps Marin cancel her wedding in New York; Sara takes Marin to a sweat lodge to sort out her problems; Annie settles into town by getting a job working for Jack; and Marin accidentally blows out the town's power using her hairdryer, which inadvertently opens the door to new romance with a handsome stranger -- who is no stranger to Elmo.
Guest Star: Tobias Slezak (Graham McCarthy), Alex Kliner (Cappy), Adrian McMorran (Man #1), Shawn MacDonald (Cake Store Helper), John Boncore (George (aka. Medicine Man)), Colby Johannson (Gary), Dave Lantaigne (Fisherman)

John Amos (Buzz)
Abraham Benrubi (Ben)
Emily Bergl (Annie)
Anne Heche (Marin Frist)
Seana Kofoed (Jane)
Sue Mathew (Sara)
Derek Richardson (Patrick Bachelor)
Sarah Strange (Theresa)
James Tupper (Jack)
Edward Kerr (Ian Slattery)
Cynthia Stevenson (Celia Bachelor)
Timothy Webber (Jerome)

Directed by
Allison Anders (1.2)
Rick Wallace (1.6)
Writing credits
Jenny Bicks (1.2)
Tim Davis (1.6)
Produced by
Jenny Bicks (executive)
James Mangold (executive)
Cathy Konrad (executive)