Magic Island

USA 1995
Paramount Pictures, Full Moon Entertainment, Moonbeam Entertainment
Rated PG for mild language.

Edward as Prince Morgan Hildebrandt

"Magic Island" is a 1995 kids' movie shown on the Disney Channel. It's about a 13 year old boy named Jack (Zachary Ty Bryan, the oldest "Home Improvement" son) who gets pulled into a book about pirates on an island. Edward plays Prince Morgan Hildebrandt, the hero, a "buccaneer" who's left his family "and fled the tyranny of King George," his uncle, to search for adventure and treasure.

With him is an Irish swordswoman name Gwyn and a bodyguard named Dumas. Joined by Jack and a mermaid-turned-human, Prince Morgan and the band investiagate the island, narrowly escape danger, and defeat the evil Blackbeard and his cronies to end it all happily.

Edward's thoughts: "I play Prince Morgan Hildebrandt, a 17th-century swashbuckler with a rapier, goatee, and earring. I fight Blackbeard the pirate and go on this adventure to discover lost treasure. 'Magic Island' was great. As a matter of fact, we got to fight a pizza tree and a sand shark, and there was this cool statue in the jungle that talked. This was my first real experience with CGI FX, and it was great fun. It really helps when you have an active imagination."


He's a modern-day kid having the time of his life... in a time long ago! Zachery Ty Bryan (TV's "Home Improvement") plays Jack, a 13-year-old who discovers a fantastic new world that lies beyond the pages of a magical book about pirates! Before you can say "shiver me timbers," Jack is whisked into the book itself... and a world of adventure! For it seems young Jack has landed at the very feet of the meanest of all pirates... Blackbeard himself! Old "Blackie" and his gang of thieves are in the midst of a treasure hunt... and they figure Jack might have the missing clue in that book of his! From land sharks to beautiful mermaids, our young hero has his hands full. Join Jack and all the new friends and foes he encounters on his breathtaking adventure to "Magic Island".

Lee Armstrong (Gwyn)
Abraham Benrubi (Duckbone)
Zachery Ty Bryan ("Mad" Jack Carlisle)
Oscar Dillon (Dumas)
Andrew Divoff (Blackbeard)
Ja'Net DuBois (Lucretia)
Jessie-Ann Friend (Lily)
Schae Harrison (Mrs. Carlisle)
Isaac Hayes (Voice of mad face)
Sam Irvin (Carabas)
Edward Kerr (Prince Morgan)
Sean O'Kane (Jolly Bob)
French Stewart (Supperstein)

Directed by
Sam Irvin
Writing credits
Brent V. Friedman
Neil Ruttenberg
Produced by
Albert Band
Charles Band (executive)
Abraham Cherem (associate)
Debra Dion
Josi W. Konski (line)
Lisa Levy Stromer (co-producer)
Original music by
Richard Band
Cinematography by
James Lawrence Spencer
Film Editing by
Margaret-Anne Smith