Living the Dream

Bitter Lawyer, 2008

Edward as Philip Aktins

"Punching the Clown - Part 1"
episode 1.9 - 12/15/2008

Relentless hours at the office have Nick feeling hopeless, frustrated and...horny. (Watch this webisode.)

"Halloween (Superman)"
episode 1.8 - 10/15/2008

Nick learns that holidays are just like any other day at Sullivan & Moore. (Watch this webisode.)

"Connotative / Denotative"
episode 1.2 - 8/13/2008

Nick experiments with lawyer humor. (Watch this webisode.)

"The Interview"
episode 1.1 - 8/13/2008

Nick interviews for his dream job. But it's a nightmare. (Watch this webisode.)

John T. Woods (Nick Conley)
Edward Kerr (Philip Aktins)
Dave Shalansky (Man In Dress)
Mark Thudium (Thomas Cullman)
Natalie Lewis (Cute Girl 1)
Sam Fusaro (Bartender)
Kevin Ruf (Jack Ruf)
Jason Thompson (Rick Quinn)
Kim Peeler (Coffee Room Girl 1)
Tirza Wohl (Coffee Room Girl 2)
Julie Brabham (Receptionist)
Rick Eid (Senior Partner)
Alison Vasan (Nick's Secretary)
Rima Yazbeck (Conference Room Girl)

Directed by
Rick Eid
Writing credits
Rick Eid
Produced by
Rick Eid
Mark Thudium
Cinematography by
Daniel S. Haas
Original music by
Carter Little
Film Editing by
Joshua Ferrazzano