Lipstick Jungle

TV Series, USA 2008-
Universal Media Studios (UMS), NBC

Edward as Dennis

"Chapter Fourteen: Let the Games Begin"
episode 2.7 - 11/7/2008

Nico is worried about meeting Kirby's mother, but is surprised to find out that the woman, Tina Atwood, is very much like herself: a sexually aggressive, fashionable woman who does anything to get what she wants. With Rodrigo gone from her life, Victory focuses all of her energy on winning a chance to design a new line but she will need help from Joe to establish new contacts. Meanwhile, Wendy is a bit jealous when Shane signs with a new music manager, named Josie, while Wendy herself begins to feel guilty about her encounter with Dennis the week before.

The following episode recap was taken from official 'Lipstick Jungle' page on NBC:

Victory is signing paperwork with Ellen while Nico is shopping for a dress to wear when meeting Kirby's mom later that night. Victory fills Nico in on the demise of her relationship with Rodrigo and that it was simply her excitement at the runway show that made her kiss him.

Wendy is working on script notes when Shane walks in, letting her know that he just met with a manager, Josie Scato. When Wendy suggests signing with her, Shane tells her he already did.

Nico and Kirby are making dinner in her kitchen, waiting for his mother to arrive. When she does, Nico is shocked to see how similar they actually are. Tina asks Nico and Kirby where they like to go out clubbing, rebuffing Nico's offer to see an exhibit at a gallery. Nico, terribly uncomfortable, tries her best to put on a smile.

Shane and Wendy are at dinner with his new manager Josie Scato. Josie, very flirtatious, makes Wendy uncomfortable. During the dinner, Josie and the film's director decide to hire Wendy as a producer on the movie. Meanwhile, Nico watches Tina enjoying the champagne ice cubes, hoping that Kirby comes to rescue her.

Shane lets Wendy know that he is uncomfortable with her decision to produce the movie. Wendy decides to step aside and not do it. Ellen fills Joe in the on business items and then decides to give her opinion on his situation with Victory. After dinner with Tina, Nico is distant with Kirby.

Nico, Wendy and Victory are in the Bonfire offices discussing the preparations for the Sports Magazine "Hang Time" launch party. Then, Nico fills both of them in on dinner with Tina. Nico is worried that Kirby is subconsciously dating his mother. Victory is concerned that she won't be able to persuade the tennis star at Nico's party to let her design a line without Joe's help.

Back home, Wendy arrives to find Shane working with Josie. Taylor walks in and asks if he can spend time with his friend Finn, so Wendy asks Shane to call Dennis. Nico pays Joe a visit since he won't return her phone calls. She corners him to ask for his help in landing Victory the tennis client.

Dennis, with his son Finn, stops by to pick up Taylor from Wendy and Shane's. Wendy and Dennis have an awkward exchange. Dennis brought Wendy some wine as an apology gift for the kiss on Halloween, telling Shane it was for her help with the boys' costumes. Wendy never told Shane about the kiss.

At Nico's launch party for Hang Time, Wendy mistakes Tina for Nico, stunned by the similarities. Nico introduces them. On the dance floor, Wendy and Shane talk about Dennis and his split with his wife. Then, Wendy changes the subject. Shane tells her that he played his score for Josie before letting her listen to it, which upsets Wendy.

Tina has an uncomfortable conversation with Nico where she oversteps her boundaries, and when Kirby interrupts them, Nico decides to ask Kirby to move in with her. At the party, Victory is still hoping that Joe will show up. While Nico is giving a speech, Tina tells Kirby that's she's concerned Nico is driving their relationship. As Victory is learning to putt on the mini putting green, Joe walks into the party.

Victory grabs Joe just as he turns around and starts to walk away. They go up to meet with Anna the tennis player. With Joe at her side, Victory tries to explain her concept. Joe decides to sit back and watch her tank the meeting. Upstairs at the party, Wendy tells Shane she's quit the movie. And then she tells him that Dennis kissed her. Shane leaves upset.

After the party, back at Nico's, Kirby tells her that he's not moving in to her apartment. He is upset by how she brought it up, and feels like a pawn that his mother and she are pushing around. He puts her on the spot and asks what would have happened if Charles hadn't died.

After a tough night, Shane and Wendy reaffirm their love for each other. Shane lets her know that she is the only one for him! And that he's not interested in Josie at all.

Ellen pays Victory a late-night visit. She lets it slip that Joe bought a ring to propose, sending Victory into tears.

"Chapter Twelve: Scary, Scary Night!"
episode 2.5 - 10/29/2008

Victory (Lindsay Price) has a nightmare that Joe (Andrew McCarthy) falls and breaks his neck while mountain climbing in a blizzard. She struggles to figure out the meaning of the dream and calls Joe, only to find out that he is training to climb the Matterhorn. Nico (Kim Raver) makes pricey Christmas plans with Kirby (Robert Buckley) and offers to cover all the costs, but he insists on paying his own way. Later, Griffin (guest star James Lesure) asks Nico for her help in acquiring a sports magazine for the company by schmoozing the sexist owner. Meanwhile, Wendy (Brooke Shields) is upset when Shane leaves for a business trip without saying good-bye. She wonders when she became the needy housewife and finds solace in her friendship with Dennis (Ed Kerr), the father of her son's best friend. Paul Blackthorne and David Noroa also star.

The following episode recap was taken from official 'Lipstick Jungle' page on NBC:

Victory wakes up after a nightmare where she saw Joe falling during a winter mountain climb. While getting ready in the morning, Nico explains to Kirby her dislike of Halloween and her love of holidays like Christmas. She hopes to take Kirby to Aspen to a ski in/ski out resort. However, Nico and Kirby seem to disagree on who should pay.

Wendy asks Victory to help with Taylor's Halloween costumes since Shane is away. She is upset that Shane left for a business trip without kissing her goodbye. Victory tells Wendy and Nico about her dream: Joe, who was climbing a mountain, fell and broke his neck. Nico advises Victory not to call him, but she does anyway. Joe tells Victory that he is training to climb a mountain, which leaves her unsettled.

Wendy attends Taylor's soccer game and catches up with one of the other fathers, Dennis. She takes a call from Sal to confirm a lunch appointment for the next day, and is excited about something for the first time since losing her job. Griffin pays Nico a visit to discuss the acquisition of a sports magazine. She agrees to help him and take a meeting with the current owner, Lou.

Victory pays Joe a visit while he's climbing at an indoor facility. She tells him about her dream, which he agrees is strange and creepy. He then rebuffs Victory's attempt to be friends. Later that night Nico and Kirby have dinner at home and discuss the Aspen trip. Wendy and Dennis spend a bit more time together while fixing the Halloween costumes Victory made; they need to be a little more kid friendly and less Cirque du Soliel.

Kirby is chatting with a co-worker at his catering job when she mentions the paparazzi outside; they are trying to take a photo of a celebrity on the guest list for the party that night. He seems intrigued with the potential payoff he could get from a photo of this celebrity drinking. Wendy and Sal meet for lunch to discuss their potential production company. However, Sal tells her that Griffin just offered him her old job at Parador. Wendy tries to play it off for Sal, but takes a moment in the ladies room to catch her breath.

Upset about the floor plan of her new store, Victory discusses with Roy options to make it better. After listening to her frustration, Roy insists that she go with him to a Halloween party. Nico and Griffin have their meeting that night. Griffin is surprised by Nico's "join 'em" approach with Lou, a man who is surrounded by women in bikinis and booze. Victory and Roy are at a Halloween event when they run into Kirby, who is working the party as a waiter.

Victory tries to give Kirby advice on letting Nico pay for the Aspen trip. Wendy and Dennis take the kids trick-or-treating. He lets Wendy know that he took her advice and talked to Kate, his wife, and it seems like they are going to separate. Wendy is upset that she may have caused their break-up.

Back at the Halloween party, Victory thinks she sees Joe through the crowd. After trick-or-treating, Wendy and Dennis relax with a glass of wine and confide in each other about their marriages. Suddenly Dennis leans down and kisses Wendy. After an awkward moment, Dennis decides to grab his son and leave.

Wendy is pacing her apartment, trying to find Victory and Nico to tell them what happened. Victory is running around the party looking for Joe when she finds a man in a white jacket and thinks it's him. He turns around and Victory suddenly has a vision of Joe, dead, his face covered in ice and blood. Panicked, she rushes out and leaves the party. Kirby, working the room with his "pumpkin-tinis," spots the celebrity -- the one who was being followed by the paparazzi earlier -- secretly downing people's abandoned drinks. He snaps a few photos and keeps walking.

Griffin is hesitant to take the deal with Lou, but Nico encourages him to trust her and go for it. Wendy catches Nico as she's leaving the meeting. She agrees to come over to talk. At Wendy's, Nico and Victory are there to listen to her. Wendy confides in the women that she didn't hate the kiss from Dennis and that's what scares her the most. Then, Wendy apologies to Nico for judging her before about Kirby and her affair.

The next morning, Kirby stops by her apartment and brings Nico a gift -- two tickets to Aspen. He told her he could afford it because he sold a photograph. At Taylor's soccer game, Wendy runs into Dennis. Victory calls Joe again to plead her case as a good friend. Just as she's leaving the message, she spots Joe sitting on her steps. He's there to tell her he didn't go climbing. They share a nice moment, as friends and business partners.

Wendy calls to talk to Shane but gets his voicemail. She leaves a message, saying she loves him and misses him. Upset, she sits alone in her living room.

Brooke Shields (Wendy Healy)
Kim Raver (Nico Reilly)
Lindsay Price (Victory Ford)
Paul Blackthorne (Shane Healy)
Andrew McCarthy (Joe Bennett)
David Norona (Salvador Rosa)
Robert Buckley (Kirby Atwood)
James Lesure (Griffin Bell)
Edward Kerr (Dennis)
Michael Mulheren (Lou Peterman)
Matt Lauria
Dylan Clark Marshall (Taylor Healy)
Jennifer Merrill (Clare Mirani)
Kathy Searle (Marie)
Vanessa Marcil (Josie Scotto)
Carlos Ponce (Rodrigo)
Marcia DeBonis (Ellen)
Michael Aronov (Serge)
Lee Sellers
Rosanna Arquette (Tina Atwood)
Sarah Hyland (Maddie Healy)

Directed by
Michael Fields (2.05)
Arlene Sanford (2.07)
Writing credits
DeAnn Heline (developer)
Eileen Heisler (developer)
Jennie Snyder Urman (written by) (2.05)
Dan Bucatinsky (written by) (2.05)
Candace Bushnell (book)
Rick Marin (written by) (2.07)
Ilene Rosenzweig (written by) (2.07)
Produced by
Robin Schiff
James Bigwood
Dan Bucatinsky (co-executive)
Lisa Melamed (co-executive)
Cinematography by
David M. Dunlap