TV movie, USA 1998, 89 min.
Turner Network Television, New Line Television
Rated R for some sexuality.

Edward as Roy Guyton

"Legalese," a 1998 original TNT production, stars James Garner and Edward Kerr as lawyers involved in a high-profile celebrity murder case. When a popular actress (Gina Gershon) kills her brother in law, she turns to Norman Keane (Garner) for help. Keane assigns novice lawyer Roy Guyton (Kerr) to the case, though he assumes control of the defense itself, with Roy as a front. Another lawyer from the team (Mary Stuart Masterson) and a TV gossip show queen (Kathleen Turner) complicate matters, and when Roy realizes the truth, he must choose sides.


A high-profile murder case throws two legal eagles - one a seasoned pro and the other an idealistic rookie - into the media spotlight in the Turner Network Television (TNT) Original film LEGALESE, starring James Garner, Kathleen Turner, Gina Gershon, Edward Kerr and Mary-Louise Parker, premiering on TNT Sunday, October 4, 1998 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT). A New Line Television production, the film is produced by J. Paul Higgins (Truth or Consequences, N.M.). Glenn Jordan (Barbarians at the Gate, The Promise) directed the script by Billy Ray.

An actress (Gershon) charged with murder seeks the counsel of a celebrity attorney (Garner) who knows that trials are ultimately won in the court of public opinion. To ensure his client's victory, he hatches a plan to put a young, inexperienced attorney on the line... and save a beautiful killer's neck. Seduced by the swirl of publicity, the front (Kerr), soon finds himself in the cross-hairs of a relentless tabloid reporter (Turner) whose pursuit forces him to decide whether what he wants to be is worth sacrificing who he is.

In LEGALESE, director Glenn Jordan shines a satirical light on the state of the media and the high cost of justice.


Rica Martin: "I haven't met a guy worth a second date in the last ten months. Three of the guys I 86'ed over dinner, told me they thought I was a lesbian waiting to happen. They might be right, so far, I've been too busy to give it a shot."

Norman Keane: "Give me a rundown please."
Rica Martin: "Three seasons on "My Two Moms," one Van Damme movie, now, apples."

Roy Guyton: "Has she been eating?"
Angela Beale: "Only if you count Percodans."

Roy Guyton: "I had a very smart professor back at State. He did a whole lecture once on the dangers of relationships in the workplace."
Rica Martin: "What do you think I'm proposing here, picnic baskets in a meadow? I'm talking about you and me bent over the Xerox machine when no one's looking."
Roy Guyton: "Oh. He didn't cover that."

Rica Martin: "Hey, it's a kiss, not a commitment."

Rica Martin: "I hope you don't mind my banging that boy silly."

James Garner (Norman Keane)
Gina Gershon (Angela Beale)
Mary-Louise Parker (Rica Martin)
Edward Kerr (Roy Guyton)
Brian Doyle-Murray (Roy's Father)
Kathleen Turner (Brenda Whitlass)
Scott Michael Campbell (Randy Mucklan)
Keene Curtis (Judge Handley)
Matthew Glave (Kurt Lee)
Hy Anzell
Tyress Allen (Rod Brooks)
Randall Arney (Dean Davis)
Darcy Belsher (Reggie)
Brent Briscoe (Cashen Depps)
Frank Buckley (KCAL Channel 9 Reporter)
Patrick J. Dancy (Interpreter)
Cliff 'Fatty' Emmich (Bib Wellingford)
Regan Forman (Audience Member)
Dale Harimoto (Reporter)
Rosanna Huffman (Teacher)
Wendy Kamenoff (Warm-Up Comic)
Eric Keenleyside (Berringer)
Enid Kent (Lauren Lemming)
Kerry Kilbride (KCLA Channel 9 Anchor)
Julie Lauren (Shauna Kaplan)
James Noah (Channel 6 Anchor)
F. William Parker (Dr. Vibor)
Tim Edward Roze (Channel 6 Reporter)
Roger Rook (Channel 8 Reporter)
Jill Sayre (Mary Beal Tabak)
Julian Stone (Oskar Tabak)
Terrylene (Carol Appler)
Marta Waller (KTLA Channel 5 Anchor)
Erica Yohn (Mrs. Luckman)

Directed by
Glenn Jordan
Writing credits
Billy Ray
Produced by
J. Paul Higgins (executive)
Cindy Hornickel
Glenn Jordan
Original music by
Stewart Copeland
Cinematography by
Tobias A. Schliessler
Film Editing by
Bill Blunden