Girls on the Bus

USA 2006
Touchstone, ABC

Excerpt from Cho "Said" yes to CW comedy pilot (04/10/06, Yahoo! TV News & Gossip)

Edward Kerr has joined ABC's "Girls on the Bus." The comedy follows the life of a young news correspondent (Kiele Sanchez) on a fictional presidential campaign trail. Kerr will play a ruggedly handsome network reporter on the press bus.

From The Futon Critic - Devwatch (03/27/06, The Futon Critic)


produced by: touchstone/brad grey
genre: single-camera comedy
status: currently in development (2006-2007 season)
development stage: ordered to pilot
last updated: 3/27/06
who's in it:
dan lauria (allen blaisdell on "j.a.g.") as tom
edward kerr (rick on "what i like about you") as seth
kiele sanchez (anne sorelli on "related") as ronnie sarazen
maulik pancholy (sanjay on "weeds") as skip
sara gilbert (mitchee arnold on "twins") as helen
sarah parish (tj on "the wedding date") as cassidy long
who's making it:
donald todd (WRTR on "life as we know it") as WRTR/EP
julie anne robinson (DIR on "blackpool") as DIR
peter traugott (EP on "jake in progress") as EP
what's it about:
(from ABC's press release) Embrace a fresh perspective on a workplace comedy in the never-before-seen fast-paced, high-pressure world of campaign coverage. Based on the unbelievable experiences of reporter Alexandra Pelosi, it is the comedy that proves politics not only makes for strange bedfellows, but also isn't as serious a world as one might think. Ronnie Sarazen thinks she is ready for the big leagues. She did the homework, got the degree, and bought the suits. After a couple of years at the bottom in local news, opportunity knocks when she is hired as the segment producer for seasoned, experienced on-air reporter, Cassidy Long. But book smart and office smart proves to be a whole world different than road smart when Ronnie gets on the campaign bus for the first time. If Ronnie does not get up to speed quickly, she is going to get run over. Between the resigned, been-there-done-that approach of her seatmate Helen, and her boss Cassidy's high-maintenance, do-anything-for-a story attitude, Ronnie is eventually going to have to learn the ropes. In the end, she will probably end up learning more about herself and growing up, than she does about producing as she juggles public news, private life, and personal ethics from now until Election Day.

Excerpt from Development Update: March 21-22, Part 1: Comedies (03/22/06, The Futon Critic)

GIRLS ON THE BUS (A.K.A. WHAT HAPPENS ON THE BUS) (ABC) - Sara Gilbert (Mitchee Arnold on "Twins"), Maulik Pancholy (Sanjay on "Weeds"), Edward Kerr (Rick on "What I Like About You") and Dan Lauria (Allen Blaisdell on "J.A.G.") have all joined the cast of the comedy pilot, which is now running under the title "Girls on the Bus." Gilbert will play Helen, a reporter colleague of Ronnie (the previously cast Like Sanchez) on the project, which comes from Touchstone Television, creator Donald Todd, director Julie Anne Robinson and executive producer Peter Traugott. The latter trio will play Skip, Seth and Tom respectively however no details about their characters were released.

Dan Lauria (Tom)
Edward Kerr (Seth)
Kiele Sanchez (Ronnie Sarazen)
Maulik Pancholy (Skip)
Sara Gilbert (Helen)
Sarah Parish (Cassidy Long)

Directed by
Julie Anne Robinson
Writing credits
Donald Todd
Produced by
Donald Todd (executive)
Peter Traugott (executive)
Cinematography by
Original music by