TV Series, USA 2005-
Mohawk Productions Inc., Warner Bros. Television, ABC
"The Two That Got Away" - 2/15/2006

Edward as James

Transcript on TWIZ TV

Freddie feels like he made a mistake when he stopped seeing Denise (Denise Quiñones) the first time, so he agrees to drive Grandma to church, hoping to run into her for a second chance. When Denise tells him that she's seeing someone else, Freddie realizes he's going to have to work to win her back. Meanwhile Rose (Tamara Braun) is back in town, and when Chris reveals Freddie's true feelings for her, she feels the same. Now Freddie is torn between two wonderful women -- but which one will he choose?

Freddie Prinze Jr. (Freddie Moreno)
Jacqueline Obradors (Sofia)
Brian Austin Green (Chris)
Jenny Gago (Grandma)
Chloe Suazo (Zoey)
Mädchen Amick (Allison)
Tamara Braun (Rose)
Edward Kerr (James)
Denise Quinones (Denise)
David Wells (Father Sorenson)

Directed by
Katy Garretson
Writing credits
Dailyn Rodriguez
Produced by
Lou Fusaro
Bruce Helford (executive)
Conrad Jackson
Deborah Oppenheimer (executive)
Freddie Prinze Jr. (executive)
Bruce Rasmussen (executive)
Cinematography by
Original music by