The Forgotten

TV Series, USA 2009-
Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Warner Bros. Television, ABC
"Prisoner Jane" - 11/17/2009

Edward as former prosecutor George Steele

The Forgotten Network takes the case of a Jane Doe found strangled in a warehouse. The investigation leads the team to a man who might have been falsely imprisoned for her murder.

The following episode synopsis was taken from '' page:

The team tries to ID a 20-something woman who had a tattoo on her arm that read "truth" and another near her shoulder that said "strength." She was found in a vacant warehouse for a company called Kleiner Coats. The victim was wearing a silver bracelet with the inscription "hope." Candace tracks down the woman who sold the bracelet to Ashley. Hope was the name of her special friend.

Walter thinks that Jane Doe may have been self-conscious about a mole or birthmark and wanted to cover it up with the tattoos. A therapeutic tattoo artist tells him that the shoulder design was drawn to cover a bullet hole. Alex believes Jane Doe may be a former addict who was looking to stay clean. They find an AA meeting where a woman recognizes the face from Tyler's sketch. She says the woman was named Lee and she talked about getting shot. She also remembers her saying, "Some mistakes are almost impossible to undo."

The AA woman once shared a cab with Jane Doe and remembers she got out at a public defender's office. A probation officer named Jack Driscoll tells Candace and Tyler that he remembered the victim was yelling at a clerk saying, "I want justice, not excuses." Her name was Ashley and she wanted help from people who could get legal issues resolved. Jack had set up a meeting for her with a journalist friend.

The journalist says that Ashley had a story about a murder case involving lots of prominent Chicago players. Alex discovers that a Judge Cooperman had a daughter named Hope. Cooperman tells him that Ashley Kemp was his daughter and a friend of Hope, who was murdered five years ago. A man shot Ashley in the shoulder and Hope in the chest. The judge says Ashley was lost after the incident.

A man named Chris Rowe was convicted of murdering Hope. The prosecutor's name was James Steele, who left the D.A.'s office and went into private practice. When Russell questions him, Steele says he can't remember if he talked to Ashley after the trial. We get the feeling that Russell isn't buying what he's selling.

Alex talks with Chris Rowe who says Ashley visited him to ask for forgiveness. She knew he was innocent and was trying to get his conviction overturned. Steele had talked Ashley into testifying against him. Judge Cooperman also put the pressure on her. Alex notices that Chris has a tattoo with the date of his son's birth on his arm. It's a source of strength and a reminder of what's waiting for him on the outside.

Alex and Candace talk to Chris Rowe's wife, Diana. They meet Chris's cousin, Donny, who moved in to help with the bills when Chris went away. Alex notices that Donny has a tattoo on his arm much like the one Chris has. It's the date his father got shot. Later, Alex presses Steele about the case. The attorney admits that Ashley had her doubts about Chris Rowe's guilt, but he didn't. The key for him was the fact that Ashley remembered the shooter had a date tattoo on his arm. Alex informs Steele that Chris is not the only Rowe with a tattoo.

As it turns out, Donny worked for the janitorial service used by Kleiner Coats, the place where Ashley's body was found. Donny was present when Ashley met with Diana to inform her that she was going to find Chris's lawyer to get him to help overturn the conviction. Surveillance tapes show Donny arriving at the lawyer's building just ahead of Ashley. He kidnapped her just before she went inside.

Candace leaves Alex a voicemail message saying she's heading over to Diana's to go over a game plan to get Chris out of jail. Diana is out but Donny invites her inside. When Russell knocks on the door, Donny pulls out a gun and takes Candace hostage. Alex got the voicemail, so he knows Candace is inside. He smashes open a side window. The distraction is enough for Candace to break free from Donny and club him with a baseball bat. Russell breaks in through the front door and arrests Donny. Whew.

The outdoor gate to the prison opens and Chris Rowe steps out to a freedom that was unjustly taken from him. Ashley Kemp knew that she had a hand in the injustice and worked diligently to make things right. She was murdered before she was able to complete her mission. But, thankfully, the volunteers at the Forgotten Network were there to finish the job.

Christian Slater (Alex Donovan)
Michelle Borth (Candace Butler)
Heather Stephens (Lindsey Drake)
Anthony Carrigan (Tyler Davies)
Bob Stephenson (Walter Bailey)
Rochelle Aytes (Grace Russell)
Edward Kerr (George Steele)
Teri Reeves (Jane Doe / Ashley Kemp)
Jake Dogias (Chicago PD Tech)
Aldis Hodge (Donny Kemp)
Joel Polis (Judge Cooperman)
Tom Schanley (Jack Driscoll)
Don Wallace (Chris Kemp)
Stacy Arnell (Woman)
Douglas Bennett (Mickey / Security Guard)
Elaine Lee (Hostess)
Will McFadden (David Andrews)
Lauren Melendez (Receptionist)
Molly Morgan (Andi)
Bobby Nish (Miko)
Dennis Oh (Handsome Man)
Mark Weiler (Det. Keller)

Directed by
Nathan Hope
Writing credits
Rick Eid
Produced by
Jerry Bruckheimer (executive)
Matthew Carlise
Rick Eid (consulting)
Debra J. Fisher (co-executive)
Holly Harold (supervising)
David Slack (supervising)
Original music by
Graeme Revell
Cinematography by
Sharone Meir
Film Editing by
Chris Peppe