TV Series, USA 2005-2006
"Friends and Enemies" - 10/05/1996

Edward as Submarine Captain Duke

In North Korean waters, a submarine that Bobby's team is on collides with a North Korean nuclear submarine, damaging it. The Korean commander is eager for the Americans to save his crew, but he must work against his own countrymen, who have sent another vessel to kill everyone aboard rather than allowing the Americans to get their hands on the Korean submarine.

Kerr Smith (Bobby Wilkerson)
Kelly Rutherford (Samantha "Sonny" Liston)
Dennis Hopper (Colonel McNulty)
Benjamin Bratt (Jim Tisnewski)
Aunjanue Ellis (Jocelyn Pierce)
Jaime Ray Newman (Natalie Hughes)
Jack Kehler (Captain Shea)
Edward Kerr (Submarine Captain Duke)
Ryan Cutrona
Tony Lee (Captain Kim)
Bob Gunton (General Hughes)
William Christopher Stephens (Petty Officer 2)
Kelvin Han Yee (Admiral Chin)
John D. Kim (Sonarman Chung)
Joel Bryant (Grimy Chief)
Dave Shalansky (Ricky Benvenuto)
Van De La Plante (Sonarman McManus)
Christopher Stapleton (Lt. John Lindquist)
Branden Weslee Kong (Korean Officer)

Directed by
Tawnia McKiernan
Writing credits
Scott Reynolds
Produced by
David Barrett
Kenneth Biller (executive)
Jerry Bruckheimer (executive)
Jonathan Littman (executive)
David McKenna (executive)
Paul Moen
Erik Oleson
Ken Robinson (co-executive)
Original music by
Trevor Morris
Film Editing by
Todd E. Miller