Confessions of a Sexist Pig (a.k.a. Taste of Love)

USA 1998, 91 min.
Pizza Productions

Edward as Jack

Edward starred in the independent film "Confessions of a Sexist Pig" in 1998 with Traylor Howard. The film has won acclaim at film festivals throughout the US and even won the "best picture" award at the Minnesota Film Festival.

The following description was taken from an indie film page:

"A clever and charming romantic comedy about the last unexplored region of the universe - the inside of a man's head. Jack is a handsome ladies' man, and considers himself an expert on women and male-female relationships. Holding no punches, he tells us what men really want from and think about women at every stage of a relationship. He believes that there are at least ten women a day that men - married or single - would like to sleep with, and that monogamy is an unnatural state for the normal man. He sets out to prove this to the audience as he spins the next victim into his web - who happens to be Anne, his new leading lady on the soap opera in which he stars. Anne proves to be Jack's match and then some - challenging his very conviction and leading him into an irreverent and not-so-classic battle of the sexes."

Lauren Graham (Tracy)
Paul Hannum (Businessman)
Randy Harris (Restaurant Manager)
Traylor Howard (Anne Henning)
Edward Kerr (Jack)
Steve Monarque (Steve)
Leda Erin Mulholland (Barbara)
Natalie Ramsey (Julia)
Anneliza Scott (Shelley)
Michael Trucco (Troy)
Sal Viscuso (Marty)

Directed by
Sandy Tung
Writing credits
Sandy Tung
Produced by
Kohlie Frantzen
Dale Rosenbloom (executive)
Original music by
Adam Gorgoni
Cinematography by
Lex DuPont
Film Editing by
Farrel Levy