Close to Home

TV Series, USA 2005-
Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Warner Bros. Television, CBS
"David and Goliath" - 5/12/2006

Edward as Kyle Cantrell

Annabeth prosecutes a high-profile case involving a professional baseball player and ends up facing off with his slick defense attorney who tries to use his client's celebrity to sway the jury in favor of his client.

A professional baseball player is arrested for murder after his mistress' sister claims she witnessed him throwing her sibling over a balcony to her death. Annabeth tries to prove the witness' story by destroying the defendant's alibi and proving that he had a strong motive to commit the crime. However, she must contend with the a tough defense attorney who will do whatever it takes to win, including using the baseball player's celebrity to portray the victim and eyewitness as unstable groupies.

Jennifer Finnigan (Annabeth Chase)
John Carroll Lynch (Steve Sharpe)
Kimberly Elise (Maureen Scotfield)
Christian Kane (Jack Chase)
Barry Shabaka Henley (Detective Drummer)
Edward Kerr (Kyle Cantrell)
Robert Machemer (Cop)
Jamie Brown (Tara Welch)
Suzanne Lanza (Kristie Cantrell)
Dennis Boutsikaris (Paul Ramont)
Lenny Schmidt (Leonard Myerson)
Chris Covics (Joe Cohen)
Dale E. Turner (Judge Alan Carson)
Suzanne Longo (Amber Davis)
Rocky Bonifield (Paralegal Clerk)
Cheryl McWilliams (Mrs. Barnes)
Lorna Duyn (Tech)
Laura Monteiro (Reporter #1)
Bevin Hamilton (Reporter #1)
Kevin Vyce (Reporter #2)
Steve Clawson (Reporter #3)
Vanessa Vander Pluym (Tiffany)

Directed by
Kevin Dowling
Writing credits
Don Winslow
Produced by
Alfredo Barrios Jr. (co-producer)
Jerry Bruckheimer (executive)
Jim Leonard (executive)
Jonathan Littman (executive)
Jill Lopez Danton
Lukas Reiter (consulting)
Simon West (executive)
Cinematography by
Original music by
Michael A. Levine