Above Suspicion (a.k.a. The Rhinehart Theory)

USA 1995, 95 min.
Rysher Entertainment
Rated R for strong sex scenes, language and violence.

Edward as Nick Cain

"Above Suspicion" (aka "The Rhinehart Theory") is a 1994 HBO movie about police officer Dempsey Caine (Christopher Reeve) who is shot and paralyzed. Edward plays Nick Caine, the younger brother of Reeve's character, and Kim Catrall plays Reeve's wife. Dempsey takes revenge on his wife and Nick, who are having an affair, by shooting them both to death. An investigation follows, and Dempsey tries to cover his guilt.

Edward's thoughts on his character: "Nick is a kind of screwed-up cop, younger brother to Reeve, who plays the part of a parent and tries to straighten out this irresponsible jerk. This guy thinks he's cool, but he's really kind of pathetic."


He was the perfect cop, the perfect husband, the perfect father - and maybe even the perfect killer. Christopher Reeve, Joe Mantegna, Kim Catrall, Edward Kerr, and Finola Hughes star in a powerful thriller where death, deception and desire create a maze of intrigue from which there may be no escape.

Dempsey Cain (Reeve) is an honored cop, a loving husband and father and mentor to his handsome younger brother. But when a drug dealer's bullet paralyzes him for life, Dempsey's world turns upside down. Are his wife and brother as caring as they appear - or do they care more for each other? Passion, outrage, adultery and revenge intensify the already explosive pressure - and when a million dollar insurance is added to the mix, it soon leads to brutal, bloody murder. But when a cop turns killer, the scales of justice are soon overturned, and you'll never know who's guilty. If you think anyone is ... ABOVE SUSPICION.

Christopher Reeve (Dempsey)
Joe Mantegna (Rhinehart)
Kim Cattrall (Gail Cain)
Edward Kerr (Nick)
Geoffrey Rivas (Enrique)
Finola Hughes (Iris)
William H. Macy (Prosecutor (DA))
Ron Canada (Captain)
Natalia Nogulich (Defense Attorney)
Clark Gregg (Randy)
Marty Levy (Syd)
J.J. Johnston (Hank)
Blake Foster (Damon)
Frank Medrano (De La Paz)
Joanna Miles (Laura)
Gerald Castillo (Lt. Matteos)
Timothy Landfield (Internal Affairs)
Peter Michael Goetz (Judge)
Lionel Mark Smith (Larry)
Sandy Martin (Waitress)
Richard Hoyt-Miller (Inspector)
Sharon Watroba (Car Rental Clerk)
Jonathan Friedman (Video Guy)
Arthur Taxier (Doctor)
Dana Reeve (Female Detective)
Holley Chant (Nancy)
David Byron (Bruce)
Melanie Pleasure (Physical Therapist)
Seidy Lopez (Theater Clerk)
Tony Mamet (Theater Manager)

Directed by
Steven Schachter
Writing credits
Jerry Lazarus
William H. Macy
Steven Schachter
Produced by
Tony Amatullo (line)
William Hart
Jerry Lazarus (co-producer)
Keith Samples (executive)
Original music by
Michael Hoenig
Roxanne Seeman (song "Yours")
Cinematography by
Ross Berryman
Film Editing by
Martin Hunter