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Ed Kerr - reel

Ed Kerr 4-4-08
Latest reel (04/04/2008)
(Men in Trees (ep. Power Shift, ep. The Caribou in The Room) , E-Ring (ep. Friends and Enemies), Girls on the Bus, Legalese, Ice, You Did What)

SeaQuest DSV - ep.2.01 Daggers

Daggers 1
Ford: "Are you okay, soldier?"
Brody: "Just throw in a couple of vid-disks and who needs company."
Ford: "Humor under pressure, I'm impressed. Commander Jonathan Ford, UEO, seaQuest."
Brody: "Lieutenant Jim Brody. Ah, forgive me for not saluting, sir, but my arms fell asleep."
Daggers 2
Brody: "So, what's the prognosis, will I live?"
Smith: "Not long enough to get me in the back seat of your '99 Trident and have me, what was it? Check out your transmission? Grow up, Lieutenant."
Brody: "Did I say anything?"
Daggers 3
Brody: "I rated Triple A-6 in Demolitions. I led the underwater Demo team during that skirmish in Tonga."
Ford: "Tell me, is there anything you can't do?"
Brody: "I've had a heck of a time learning how to play the bagpipes."
Ford: "Bet you look good in the skirt."
Bridger: "Someone needs to get in and disarm the security system."
Daggers 4
Ford: "So in short, even if Piccolo manages to slip through their sensors, there's no way to get the rest of the men into the colony without being spotted."
Brody: "Unless their being led by someone who knows the island and who has ground combat experience."
Ford: "Don't tell me... you were the first to hit the beach at Normandy."
Brody: "Well if I were a century older, you could count on it."
Daggers 5
Brody: "Oh, come on, Commander. You guys sank a $10 billion dollar boat last year."
Ford: "It was for a higher good."
Brody: "Doesn't matter. So, the Captain wants me to sign on to make sure that doesn't happen again."
Ford: "You're kidding, right?"
Brody: "Would I kid about a thing like that?"
Ford: "I hope so."
Brody: "You know, we can be friends."
Ford: "It's a long tour, Jim. Why don't we just think about that?"
Brody: "Don't have time. Bridger told me I'm rooming with you until they finish remodeling my quarters."
Ford: "What's wrong with your quarters?!"
Brody: "No place to put the pool table!"

SeaQuest DSV - ep.2.02 Fear That Follows

Fear That Follows
Brody: "Soak it up, junior. It isn't every day you get your butt kissed by two planets."

SeaQuest DSV - ep.2.03 Sympathy For the Deep

Sympathy For the Deep 1
Dagwood: "Brody, can I help?"
Brody: "Guard the .. on C12 anyone goes near them, you'll call for help."
Sympathy For the Deep 2
Bridger: "What the hell did your men think, they were doing with that shop girl?"
Brody: "So my guys are little stressed out! You ever stopped to think maybe she was asking for it?"
Bridger: "Asking for it? What is that supposed to mean? Are you some kind of barbarian?"
Brody: "Barbarian? You know, I don't have to take that from you. As a matter of fact, I don't have to take that from anybody!"
Bridger: "Arrest him!"
Smith: "No captain, wait!"
Sympathy For the Deep 3
Bridger: "Has that effected your Model K?"
Brody: "No, not a slightest."
Bridger: "It might be off the wall, but try asking him for advise. That cloud is not effecting him."
Brody: "All right, I give it a shot. Aye, captain."
Brody: "Hey, you heard him?"
Dagwood: "Yeah."
Brody: "So what would you do?"
Dagwood: "Me?"
Brody: "Yeah."
Dagwood: "I would get everyone together in the same place and tell stories and sing songs... Well, that would make me feel better."
Brody: "Kind of like a church?"
Dagwood: "What's church?"
Brody: "You're about to find out."
Brody: "You heard the man. Make it happen. Get everybody into a town meeting hall."
Dagwood: "Wait Brody. Can I ask you a question?"
Brody: "Yeah, what?"
Dagwood: "This thing, that I'm not feeling, it means I'm not human, doesn't it?"
Brody: "No wonder they didn't make anymore of you. You're not even close to being a soldier."
Dagwood: "I try to be."
Brody: "No Dagwood, that's not what I meant. Look, when they put you together, they didn't include a mean bone in your body. Somebody could figure out, how to do it with the rest of us, we'd all be a lot better off."
Dagwood: "No mean bones."
Brody: "Yeah, you got it."

SeaQuest DSV - ep.2.04 Vapors

Ortiz: "Can I see?"
Ford: "It's not that nice, Ortiz. Stay the course."
Ortiz: "Looks great from here."
Brody: "No, no, it looks good from here, but not great. What we want is great."
Ortiz: "Yeah, how do you guys define great?"
Brody: "Great is not just sheer physical excellence. Great includes spiritual and intellectual excellence."
Ford: "Absolutely."
Ortiz: "And you can see all that through the binoculars?"
Ford: "Oh, yeah. But you know what's really, really great, Miguel?"
Ortiz: "What?"
Ford: "You're driving."

SeaQuest DSV - ep.2.05 Playtime

Playtime 1
[One of the robots' fires and hits one of the stadium lights. It falls towards Brody.]
Henderson: "Brody! Watch out!"
[She shoves him clear, but the light pins her to the ground]
Henderson: "Brody!"
Brody: "Henderson!"
Henderson: "Over here."
Brody: "You all right?"
Henderson: "Get me outta here. Thanks."
Brody: "I should be thanking you."
Henderson: "That was close."
Brody: "I'm not so sure about that." [into PAL] "Piccolo?"
Piccolo: [into PAL] "You guys okay?"
Brody: [into PAL] "Henderson almost got herself a new haircut, but she's all right. Look, uh, I don't know if those robots are attacking us. That last shot went well over our heads."
Henderson: "Not well enough."
Piccolo: [into PAL] "What's your take boss?"
Brody: [into PAL] "I don't know. I think maybe they're shooting at each other. Like maybe we got caught in the crossfire."
Piccolo: [into PAL] "Comes out the same in the end unless we find out who or what's controlling them. How close are you?"
Brody: [into PAL] "Another few blocks."
Piccolo: [on PAL] "Same here."
Brody: [into PAL] "All right. Well, let me know if you get something."
Piccolo: [into PAL] "Oh, you'll hear me screaming."
Brody: [into PAL] "Out." [to Henderson] "Let's get outta here. Welcome to the big leagues."
Henderson: "Thanks."
Playtime 2
Henderson: "Welcome to the big leagues. You alright?"
Brody: "Ask me next month."
Henderson: [Feeling Brody's forehead] "You feel warm."
Brody: "Take your hand away. I' off."
Henderson: "Yeah, you're alright."
[The boy goes over to the couch and picks up a hand held game and begins to play]
Henderson: "I know you must have a name. [He ignores her] I asked you a question. [She takes the game from him] What's your name?"
Boy: "Aaron. [He moves to pick up another game but Henderson grabs his wrist before he can.]
Henderson: "Enough with the games, okay?"
Aaron: "Don't!" [He jerks his arm back]
Henderson: "Forget it. [to Brody] It seems a less positive reaction to my touch."
Brody: "Give him time."

SeaQuest DSV - ep.2.08 When We Dead Awaken

When We Dean Awaken 1
Brody: "My commission to seaQuest came after the GELF crisis. I swore I'd never get stuck on a boat but the NAVY offered me a commission of a lifetime...stolen my freedom away...Ah, I sound like a jerk, all the time I was talking about myself."
Alison: "I asked."
When We Dean Awaken 2
O'Neill: "Jimmy, she blew you off."
Brody: "She's playing hard to get."
O'Neill: "She's playing impossible to get."
Brody: "Never could turn my back on a challenge."
When We Dean Awaken 3
Brody: "Did you ever have someone disapearing on you before? It's very creepy feeling. You start to wonder what the hell is wrong with you...I thought we were getting to know each other."
Alison: "We did. And then we said goodbye."
Brody: "So what is it? I'm a lousy dancer? I talk about myself too much? I smell bad?...I smell bad?"
Alison: "You smell nice."
Brody: "There, see now, there's something we can built on..."
Alison: "Look, it's never gonna work, my life is just too complicated right now."
Brody: "Oh, even I don't use that line."
When We Dean Awaken 4
Brody: "You're right? I guess that was something from the trouble you were talking about."
Alison: "I don't know what that was. I'm sorry I had no right, I..."
Brody: "Have no right for what?...Who are you?"
Alison: "It's me, Jimmy, my little man, it's me."
Brody: "Mum?"
When We Dean Awaken 5
Brody: "You know, they never told me about my father."
Alison: "They never met him, neither did I...I'm sorry, I thought they would have told you."
Brody: "They did. I always thought they told me I came from the bank because they were protecting your reputation."
When We Dean Awaken 7
Alison: "A mind scan?"
Brody: "Trust me, that don't hurt. In fact you'll feel kind of neat."
Alison: "Neat..."
Brody: "It's important we find out what you know, mum."
Alison: "Good luck. It's a mess in there."
When We Dean Awaken 8
Alison: "Don't look in his eyes!"
Brody: "Whose eyes, whose eyes, mum?"
Alison: "Don't look at him! Don't look at him!"
Brody: "Who, mum, who?...It's ok, it's ok."
When We Dean Awaken 10
Brody: "Thanks for going back in. I know you didn't want to."
Alison: "That's before I knew what I had to come back to...I am so proud of you."
Brody: "I love you mum."

SeaQuest DSV - ep.2.11 Dead End

Do Wah Diddy
[O'Neil, Brody, and Lucas are singing in the back of the submersible.]
Henderson: "Hey! If you guys don't come up with another song real soon I'm going to fly us into a cliff."
Brody: "Feeling hostile are we? Because we only got a 62 on our final exam?"
Henderson: "It had to be a mistake. How can you flunk a woman at a sexual harassment seminar?"
Lucas: "Oh, I don't know. I think 'been there, done that, I know where to kick them next time' was a bit to brief of an answer for the essay part of the exam."
[Shuttle 4600-2]
O'Neill: "Oh man, pressure hull is stressing."
Brody: "Go to emergency oxygen."
Henderson: "I can't reach my mask. Jim!"
Brody: "You're cool, you're cool. I've got you covered."
O'Neill: "Mayday, Mayday, this is UEO 4600-2. We have an uncontrolled decent in GBS block 1200-9. Does anyone read, over?"
Henderson: "Oh my god, what is that?"
O'Neill: "Mayday, Mayday, we have an uncontrolled decent in GBS block 1200-9. Does anyone read, over?"
Lucas: "The sea floor is giving way, it's drawing us in."
Henderson: "Hang on. I can't stop it."
O'Neill: "Into your hands, Oh Lord, I commit my soul."
Crash Landing
[Shuttle 4600-2]
Henderson: "Hang on. We're gonna crash."
Tim's Leg
[Shuttle 4600-2]
Lucas: "We can breathe the air."
Brody: "Everyone else okay?"
Henderson: "Yeah, I think so."
O'Neill: "I think I broke my leg."
Brody: "What?"
[They hear something moving around on the roof of the sub.]
[Undersea cavern]
O'Neill: "So there's only one thing left to do. We have to ask for a volunteer. And, no offense intended, but besides the fact that I'm injured I also happen to believe in an afterlife. With more faith, I think, than any of you. So, it ought be me."
Brody: "No, no. Tim, we're not gonna take advantage of your faith. If we need a volunteer, then I'm the senior guy."
Lucas: "You know the shuttle is not a ship, you don't have to go down with it."
[Undersea tunnel]
Henderson: "How's my fuel?"
Lucas: "Running low."
Henderson: "Make it last Lucas, make it last."
Brody: "Tim, you all right? He's air's run out."
Henderson: "How far to the surface?"
Lucas: "Oh, we gotta be near."
[Brody takes of his own mask and puts it on Tim.]
Brody: "Breath this, take it in, breath it."
Henderson: "We've lost a thruster. What do I do now?"
Lucas: "Just hold on!"
[SeaQuest DSV, bridge]
Ortiz: "Contact. Contact dead ahead. An eruption from the sea floor."
Bridger: "Any sign of the shuttle?"
Ortiz: "Scanning."
[Inside the pod]
Henderson: "I can't control it. We're not gonna make the surface."
Brody: "I'm out of air."
[Lucas gives his mask to Brody.]
Lucas: "Here breath this. Just breath it."
Henderson: "Dammit. We came so close."
[SeaQuest DSV, bridge]
Ortiz: "Target. Metal sphere bearing to port, two thousand yards."
Ford: "It looks like a dive pod breaking up."
Bridger: "All ahead, emergency. Prepare the graphnels."
Ortiz: "Range twelve hundred meters. Eleven hundred. One thousand. Target in range."
Bridger: "Graphnels. Fire."
[Inside the pod]
Henderson: "What's that?"
Lucas: "It's a graphnel. It's a magnetic graphnel. seaQuest has got us. Just hold on."

SeaQuest DSV - ep.2.13 Lostland

Fit to Command
[Ward Room]
[Brody walks in.]
Brody: "How much longer?"
O'Neill: "Well, I don't know. It's a lost alphabet, Jim. It's gonna take some time."
Brody: "McGath is arriving and Ford and the Captain are exhibiting aberrant behavior."
O'Neill: "The captain just wants to protect his find from gold diggers."
Ortiz: "And Ford just spent 30 hours in the DSL. You were in it. Wouldn't 30 hours in that thing make you a little weird?"
Brody: "No, this is beyond weird. I don't think either one of them is fit to command."
O'Neill: "That's a serious charge, Lieutenant."
Brody: "I know."
[Brody leaves.]
Miguel on the run
[Ortiz comes around a corner and Piccolo sees him with the sword.]
Piccolo: "Hey Ortiz. Wadda ya got there? A Cuban kitchen knife?"
[Ortiz comes after him with the sword.]
Piccolo: "I was just joking man."
[He takes off with Ortiz in hot pursuit. They run past Brody, Froeb, and McGath, knocking them into the wall.]
Brody: "Ortiz!"
[Sea Deck]
[Tony runs in and jumps into the moon pool and swims off. Ortiz runs in right behind him. He sees Wendi and Lucas and threatens them with the sword.]
Lucas: "Whoa."
[Brody runs in.]
Brody: "Put it down, Miguel."
[Miguel runs for it.]
Brody: [into PAL] "General alert. Sensor Chief Ortiz is armed and dangerous. Security capture and detain."
Miguel with Sword
[Sea Deck]
[Ortiz is practicing with the sword. Brody comes looking for him so he hides in the Hyperbaric Chamber. He notices that the skull seems to be looking at him. He turns the jar so that the skull is facing the back wall, but the skull turns in the water and looks at him. He freaks and smashes the container and the glass window of the Chamber.]
Brody: "Drop the sword, Miguel."
[Ortiz drops the sword, then passes out.]

SeaQuest DSV - ep.2.14 And Everything Nice

Tim's Virtual Dream
[O'Neill's virtual dream]
Brody: "Where's captain?"
Ortiz: "On his way down, sir."
Brody: "... Ortiz, away!"
Ortiz: "We're doing ... we can!"
[O'Neill enters.]
O'Neill: "Allright, allright! What do we got?"
Henderson: "Enemy ship ..., captain"
O'Neill: "Allright, full power. We're gonna turn the ship around ... taste them what do we got."
[Bridger looks funny.]
Bridger: "Aye, aye, sir! Hurry around, now, sir!"

SeaQuest DSV - ep.2.15 Dream Weaver

Bad Thing
Ortiz: "The others didn't make it out. We tried to make it to the shelter but the boat was sealed up tight. Dagwood, you saved my life, man. Thanks."
Dagwood: "Welcome, man. [re: the alien] It was a bad thing."

SeaQuest DSV - ep.2.18 Dagger Redux

Dagger Redux
Bridger: "They didn't need anybody in the inside, commander. They had you."
Ford: "Don't even say it."
Brody: "Say what?"
Ford: "Anything."
Brody: "Sir, you don't have a twin brother, do you?"
Ford: "You know, next time somebody uses a fake head, I hope it's yours."
Brody: "Couldn't do it, can't duplicate perfection!"

SeaQuest DSV - ep.3.6 Spindrift

[Hudson, Brody, O'Neil and Picollo break Lonnie free.]
Hudson: "Fire!"
Bourne: "Stop them!"
Brody: "Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"
Jim's Hit
[They try to escape.]
Brody: "Lonnie!"
[Brody jumps to cover Henderson and get shot.]
Henderson: "Jim!"
Jim's Death
[Brody lies on a hospital bed.]
Henderson: "Jim, come on, please, wake up. Jim..."
Brody: "We made it back?"
Henderson: "You're gonna be allright, Jim."
[He takes his dog tags off and put them in Henderson's hand.]
Brody: "With the shield or on it."
[Jim dies...]

Magic Island

Prince Morgan Hildebrandt
Prince Morgan Hildebrandt
About Magic island
About Magic island
Morgan and Gwen 1
Morgan and Gwen 1
Morgan and Gwen 2
Morgan and Gwen 2

Confessions of a Sexist Pig - trailer

Confessions of a Sexist Pig
Trailer - Confessions of a Sexist Pig

Snoops - titles

Snoops titles
Snoops Opening Credits

Sex and the City - ep.3.13 Escape From New York

Sex and the City
Jason Dique

What I Like About You - ep.2.14 Val and Holly's Not Boyfriends

Your Cheatin' Heart
Who dumped who
Your Cheatin' Heart
Red Hots

What I Like About You - ep.2.17 Val and Holly's Not Boyfriends

Val and Holly's Not Boyfriends
Trailer - ep.2.17 Val and Holly's Not Boyfriends
Val And Holly's Not Boyfriends
Rick: "Life is short. If there's something you haven't done yet, you do it. Now."
Holly: "Okay! I'm gonna go have me some sex!"
Val And Holly's Not Boyfriends
Rick: "I just saw a bird..."

What I Like About You - ep.2.19 The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Magic chocolate

What I Like About You - ep.3.01 Europe Was So Much More Fun

Europe Was So Much More Fun
The proposal

What I Like About You - ep.3.06 Three Little Words

Three Little Words
Val: "Honey, I killed Fred..."

You Did What? - trailer

You Did What? - trailer
Trailer - You Did What?


Video clip used for Bubble-Rama's "What Happens Next" Contest
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Cat City

Cool cops
Cool cops
The knife
The knife

Ambition to Meaning

The tree issue
The tree issue

Music Video

Then the Morning Comes
Music Video - Then the Morning Comes - Smash Mouth
- my first music video ever, I hope you'll enjoy it.