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Edward Kerr

Wav - 21,3 kB Edward: "Hi, I am Edward Kerr."

SeaQuest DSV

Wav - 70,0 kB Ford: "Tell me, is there anything you can't do?"
Brody: "Yeah, I'm having one heck of a time learning the bagpipes."
Ford: "Bet you look good in the skirt."
(ep.2.2 Daggers 2)
Wav - 184 kB Brody: "Bridger told me I'm rooming with you until they finish remodeling my quarters."
Ford: "What's wrong with your quarters?!"
Brody: "No place to put the pool table!"
(ep.2.2 Daggers 2)
Wav - 154 kB Brody: "Well, great is not just sheer physical excellence; great includes spiritual and intellectual excellence."
(ep.2.5 Vapors)
Wav - 158 kB Ortiz: "Smells like my Uncle Manny's funeral home. I used to play there when I was a kid."
Brody: "Must have been some interesting games?"
Ortiz: "Freeze Tag. Customers always won. Pretty damn quiet."
(ep.2.8 By Any Other Name)
Wav - 32,3 kB Brody: "Can't duplicate perfection!"
(ep.2.19 Dagger Redux)
Wav - 23,7 kB Brody: "You know what honey."
(ep.2.22 Splashdown)
Wav - 32,0 kB Brody: "With your shield or on it."
(ep.3.6 Spindrift)

Note: More sounds you can find on seaQuest Season Two Sound Files. They're without transcripts, but some of them are really good. These are with Brody. I tried to write transcipts but sometimes I was just guessing.

Wav - 130 kB Brody: "I rated Triple A-6 in Demolitions. I led the underwater Demo team during that skirmish in Tonga."
Ford: "Tell me, is there anything you can't do?"
Brody: "I've had a heck of a time learning how to play the bagpipes."
Ford: "Bet you look good in the skirt."
(ep.2.2 Daggers 2)
Wav - 150 kB Brody, O'Neill and Lucas are singing.
Henderson: "Hey, hey, hey, if you guys don't come up with another song real soon I'm gonna fly us into a cliff."
(ep.2.11 Dead End)
Wav - 280 kB Brody: "Hey somebody have to help Dagwood out."
Ortiz: "Why?"
Brody: "He's trying to eat the pineapple."
Ortiz: "How hard is that?"
Brody: "... very he's been working at that for twenty minutes"
Ortiz: "Dagwood, don't eat the part that hurt your mouth."
Dagwood: "O.K., thank you."
(ep.2.19 Dagger Redux)
Wav - 66,7 kB Ortiz: "...Piccolo. I'm sure any other'd love you to roommate."
Piccolo: "Hey I'm horrible roommate."
Brody: "Roommate from hell maybe."
(ep.2.19 Dagger Redux)

Magic Island

Wav - 45,9 kB Morgan: "You are the most breath-taking beauty I've seen in all my days. There, I've said it."
Wav - 20,6 kB Morgan: "Surely you've heard of the Magic Island?"
Wav - 32,5 kB Morgan: "Prince Morgan Hildebrandt. Adventurer extraordinaire."
Wav - 378 kB Morgan and Gwen

Touched by an Angel

Wav - 17,3 kB Kevin: "Will you marry me?"
Wav - 63,1 kB Kevin: "We're getting married in a few minutes...aren't we?"
Wav - 32,2 kB Kevin: "It's very...romantic."


Wav - 148 kB Greg: "Dana? Dana, what the hell are you doing?"
Dana: "Who told you I worked here?"
Greg: "Gary Hyndman just filed the harassement complaint."
Dana: "We didn't harasse him."
Greg: "Go to his house accusing him of a homicide?"
Glenn: "We can't go to a person's house?"
Dana: "We can't go to a person's house?"
(ep.1.1 Pilot)
Wav - 118 kB Greg: "Do you know how she paid for this place? She found some billionaire's missing kid by promising to have sex with the kidnaper."
Glenn: "And the point is I got the kid back when the police couldn't."
(ep.1.1 Pilot)
Wav - 314 kB Dana: "This country western bar he goes to? He hits on the singer so I thought - I'm on amateur night maybe hang out at the bar get him to come to me."
Greg: "Dana, you can't sing."
Dana: "I can sing. A little."
Greg: "Let's say for the sake of argument that you can. You certainly don't do it in a way that would make a man attracted to you. Do you know if Glenn sings? Dana you're terrible singer!"
Dana: "O.K.! Hey we will ask Glenn."
(ep.1.2 Singer in the Band)
Wav - 468 kB Greg: "Came as soon as I heard, what happened?"
Dana: "I don't know. It, it sort of smoking than I pulled over than I've think I knew isn't flames. I'm sorry."
Greg: "Oh, I don't believe this. Did you keep coolant in it?"
Dana: "Greg I had the car for five days you've never said anything about coolant."
Greg: "I worked for six month restoring that car, I love that car."
Dana: "By the way I'm O.K., thanks for asking."
Glenn: "Yeah, me too."
Greg: "I knew you're O.K. I checked. Look, is it a total loss..?"
Dana: "Yes Greg. It's a total loss, much like our relationship."
Greg: "What, was this my fault?"
Glenn: "Oh, in so many ways."
(ep.1.5 The Heartless Bitch)
Wav - 95 kB Greg: "You know what is it with you people? Everytime I turn around another complaint is lodged against you."
Glenn: "Well, I guess we'll just have to file this one under: 'Who gives a crap'."
(ep.1.5 The Heartless Bitch)

Note: I'm not sure about these Snoops-sounds transcripts. I'd appreciate any help. Arwen -

Wav - 332 kB Greg and Glenn speak Czech. (Martin Velda and Dagmar Carova)
(ep.1.12 The Stolen Diskette)

What I Like About You

Wav - 65,5 kB Val: "So what brings you to our fair city? Ooh, wow, 'fair city'! Don't usually say 'fair city'! Why do I keep saying 'fair city'? Oh, man! I said it again!"
Rick: "Oh bad. You still got that cute thing where you get all and burst, you know, and you kind of babble."
Val: "Oh, I don't babble, I'm not babbling, who said I'm babbling, why did I say babbling?"
(ep.2.14 Your Cheatin' Heart)
Mp3 - 2,32 MB Val meets Rick.
(ep.2.14 Your Cheatin' Heart)
Wav - 8,67 kB Val: "..."
Rick: "Put on your raspberry beret!"
(ep.3.04 God Help the Mister)