Ed Kerr


A.1 Notes from Arwen

A.2 Where can I purchase The Secrets of Lake Success?

The Secrets of Lake Success is on DVD, you can order it on Amazon.com. SeaQuest DSV Season 2 DVD is on Amazon.com.

A.3 Where can I get any other of Edward's movies?

If you're looking for Above Suspicion, Magic Island, Legalese or The Astronaut's Wife you have big chance order them on internet. Good place to start is The Internet Movie Database. Confessions of a Sexist Pig a.k.a. Taste of Love might be a problem, I didn't find any e-shop with this item yet.

A.4 Where can I write to Edward Kerr and ask for a signed picture?

According to the Internet Movie Database Edward Kerr's agent is now United Talent Agency so you can try it there. (Let's hope that this one will be the right agency for Edward.)

Edward Kerr
c/o United Talent Agency
9560 Wilshire Boulevard (5th Floor)
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Edward Kerr is a talented and handsome actor, whose portrayal of television and movie characters (as well as extremely good looks) earned him the loyal, ever-growing following of fans. Well, that's the official story. The truth is that Edward Kerr is a supernatural creature, sent to Earth to add this new, special dimension to our lives.


2.1 Age

Edward Kerr was born on October 14th in Kansas City, Missouri. The year he was born is probably 1966 or 1967. Evidence:

- he graduated from high school in 1985.

- on a television interview he stated he was 28. The interview was aired either in late 1994 or early 1995 (second season seaQuest was still broadcast, and the episode they shown a clip from, "By Any Other Name", suggests 1994).

2.2 Family

Edward was raised on a farm near Kansas City and has two older brothers. [comment]

As far as we know, he is single and lives in Los Angeles.

A 1993 YM article asked him about his dating strategy, to which he responded: "You don't find anything when you're looking for it. My method of looking is not to look."

2.3 Education

After graduating Rockhurst High School in 1985, he attended the Vanderbilt University and earned a degree in history.

Edward says: "As a student of history, I always thought you would be better able to predict and appreciate the events of the future by fully understanding the past. After all, as they say, 'History repeats itself.' Certain trends of today will most assuredly reoccur."

2.4 Looks

2.4.1 Height

There are different accounts of Edward Kerr's height.

According to an unnamed extra on the set, Edward is only 5'4" to 5'6" tall (that's approx. 1.60-1.66 m). However, I have it from a person who knew Edward back in Orlando that he is about 5'11" to 6' tall (1.78-1.80 m). Another extra confirms that. [comment]

2.4.2 Eyes

Hazel, golden brown, light brown to green - all those can be used to describe them. "Enchanting", "wonderful", "radiant", "beautiful" also apply.

2.4.3 Hair

Light to medium brown, depending on the picture.

2.5 Interests

The official materials give "billiards, reading and playing a variety of sports". He definitely plays golf, likes Western movies and adventure stuff.

Edward says: I enjoy reading, mostly non-fiction. i.e.: Ralph Waldo Emerson is one of my favorites. I also enjoy philosophy. I play basketball, billiards, and I shoot sporting clays. Other than that, I really like to sleep. And eat. That's about all.


3.1 Commercials

Edward is well known for his commercial work. He has done spots for Toyota, Chevrolet, Miller Light and Old Spice. The Old Spice (Sensitive aftershave, stick deodorant and Christmas special) commercials have been aired internationally.

Edward says: "Yes, I *have* taken the Old Spice challenge. I like Miller Lite Ice beer. Toyota and Chevrolet? I drive them both at the same time."

3.2 The Secrets of Lake Success

Mini-series, 1993.

Co-starring: Samantha Eggar, Stan Ivar, Gregg Marx, Delana Michaels, Ray Wise, Liz Vassey, others.

Produced by: NBC.

Not available on video.

Edward's character: Tony Parrish, a young attorney involved in a rich family feud.

How big is the role? Pretty big.

3.3 Above Suspicion

TV movie, 1994.

Co-starring: Christopher Reeve, Joe Mantegna, Kim Cattrall.

Produced by: HBO/Rysher Entertainment.

Directed by: Steven Schachter.

Rating: R for strong sex scenes, language and violence.

Available on video in bothe PAL and NTSC format.

Edward's character: Nick Cain, young policeman, involved in an affair with hid older brother's wife.

Edward says: "A kind of screwed-up cop, younger brother to Reeve, who plays the part of parent and tries to straighten out this irresponsible jerk. This guy thinks he's cool, but he's really kind of pathetic."

How big is the role? Quite big.

Notes: involves sex scenes with Edward.

3.4 Magic Island

Movie, 1995.

Co-starring: Zachary Ty Bryan, Lee Armstrong, Oscar Dillon.

Produced by: Moonbeam/Full Moon/Paramount.

Directed by: Sam Irvin.

Rating: PG/U.

Available on video in both PAL and NTSC format.

Edward's character: Prince Morgan Hildebrandt, a hero.

Edward says: "I play Prince Morgan Hildebrandt, a 17th-century swashbuckler with a rapier, goatee and earring. I fight Blackbeard the pirate and go on this adventure to discover lost treasure."

How big is the role? Big.

Notes: he has a hilarious accent! Looks and behaves just like Westley from "The Princess Bride". Said it was his favourite role to date.

3.5 seaQuest DSV/seaQuest 2032

TV series, 1993-1995.

Co-starring: Roy Scheider, Don Franklin, Michael Ironside, Ted Raimi, Rosalind Allen, Kathy Evison, Michael DeLuise, Peter DeLuise.

Produced by: Amblin.

Not available on video.

Edward's involvement: 1994-1994 (season 2 and 3); episodes: s2: Daggers, The Fear that Follows, Sympathy For the Deep, Vapors, Playtime, Sincerest Form of Flattery, By Any Other Name, When We Dead Awaken, Special Delivery, Dead End, Lostland, And Everything Nice, Dream Weaver, Alone (seaFact only), Watergate, Something in the Air, Dagger Redux, Siamese Dream, Blindsided, Splashdown; s3: Brave New World, In Company of Profit and Ice, Smoke On the Water, Destination Terminal, Chains of Command, Brainlock, Spindrift.

Edward's character: Lieutenant James Brody, Weapons and Tactics Specialist, Weapons Officer and third in command on seaQuest DSV.

Edward says: "Brody's a great guy. He's full of self-confidence but he isn't arrogant. He's more apt to take things lightly rather than seriously, but he's a good person with a strong sense of values."

"He's not arrogant in the sense that he thinks he's the greatest. But he *is* a little vulnerable, a little weak in some areas by carrying off this act of bravado. (...) The military has been his family. He may have put forth this image as a brash, clever cowboy type to make up for the fact that he doesn't really have anyone to whom he's close."

"I've always seen him as a person misplaced in time. It goes back to this kid playing cowboy (...) He's sort of an ordinary Joe who just happens to be there and is forced to deal with these conflicts."

How big is the role? Big.

Notes: Edward's biggest exposure to the public yet and the one that earned him most attention.

3.6 Touched by an Angel

TV Series, 1994 -

Produced by: Caroline Productions.

Edward's involvement: episode "Something Blue", 1996.

Co-starring: Roma Downey, Della Reese, Brigid Conley Walsh.

Not available on video.

Edward's role: Kevin Abernathy, the bridegroom.

How big is the role? Average.

4. Q & A

4.1 What is "The Rhinehart Theory"? I saw it mentioned, but cannot find in anywhere?

"The Rhinehart Theory" and "Above Suspicion" are one and the same thing. Apparently, RT was a working title.

4.2 How could they kill Brody? Why?

After second season of seaQuest, Edward wanted out, fearing that the series would hurt his career. He agreed to return for season three on the condition that his character would be killed after a few episodes. So, in other words, it was his own decision.

4.3 Why was there no Edward in "Meltdown" and "Alone"?

He was not scheduled to appear in "Meltdown". As for "Alone", after reading the script, allegedly he became so disgusted he left the set, hurling the script copy all over the parking lot. The official story is that he asked for extra time off. Consequently, all his lines were given to Marco Sanchez - that is why Ortiz in that episode behaved so much like Brody.

4.4 I heard of seaQuest merchandise. Is Brody's card available? Does he appear in the novels?

No, and no. Both cards and novels are from the first season and, as such, do not have Brody.

4.5 What's the story with "fudgemaker Ed"?

When asked about his worst job, Edward described his work in a fudge shop. "I had to wear a nametag that said 'Fudgemaker Ed' and a brown apron and a brown cap and the worst is that I had to ring this bell in this mall where you know there's plenty of cute girls around and I had to ring a bell and say "It's fudge time!"

4.6 Is there a Brody zine?

Actually, there is one, currently in the works. To find out more, contact the editor, Deanna, dtoxopeu@ccs.carleton.ca

4.7 Can I write to Edward?

You can try. His contact address is:

Edward Kerr
c/o Innovative Artists
1999 Avenue of the Stars
Suite 2850
Los Angeles, California 90067

FAQ was written by Deanna from "Ed Kerr Estrogen Brigade".

Comment 2.2

One error; Edward Kerr was not raised on a "farm outside kansas City." He was raised NO WHERE near a farm. His family is very wealthy and almost aristocratic. He was raised in a very, very nice house IN Kansas City - his family is very wealthy. Take 1 2 Know 1 [Back]

Comment 2.4.1

One comment about Ed's height. If you notice from Seaquest that Don Franklin is about 1 inch taller than Ed. Don towered over his entire cast in Seven Days. If Don were only 5'5" than the rest of the cast in Seven Days would only be about 4'9", which is unbelievable. Therefore, Ed must be at least 5'10" or 5'11". So your unnamed extra is clearly on drugs to think he's only 5'4". Jayne [Back]